GPS Jammer Children to couples abroad to improve the long-term pension three prescriptions gain financial plann


“In most people’s view, prudent financial management just buy financial products.” Chongqing Branch Wealth Advisors Wang Ding said that some investors in the stock market crash in 2008, has experienced six years of tangled now become conservative financial means. “Absolutely no concept of asset allocation.”


current financial planner


Wang Ding, Chongqing Branch of China Merchants Bank wealth advisers. CFP Registered Financial Planner, good length through diversification of portfolio allocation, to help customers achieve a healthy appreciation of the wealth to achieve financial freedom.


conservative financial income poor


a wealth management clients Chan had the line is such a conservative investor. For her situation, the bank finance team out of the three symptomatic prescription, her financial concepts from simple to buy financial products, for a variety of changes to the portfolio.


Chan at home mothers, Mr. outstanding business, his family was relatively well off. Because experienced 年 2008 A shares plummeted nightmare, the couple reached an agreement – no contact with high-risk investments, Mr. responsible for the money, she was responsible for housework. Since then, Ms. Chen began only buy financial products, financial life, she was always concerned about the yield of the banks financial products, plan ahead to buy the next time, manipulate online banking capital allocation.

 Although Chan intentions

bother to finance, but CMB wealth management team found that one year she does not regularly yields much higher than the deposit, is due to “take due for renewal,” the interval, and ” Interest arrival from “equal time delay, inadvertently stole her a lot of income.

 asset allocation

a prescription


Merchants Bank’s wealth management team calculations, taking into account inflation, if only by buying financial products, only son of Chan ready to study abroad in future costs and pension funds for the couple is not enough, but do not say something unplanned large overhead, and it recently yield financial products also appeared to decline.


Chan’s understanding of the situation after the financial planner believes, should be allowed to raise long-term capital gains Chan in a secure basis. So, they opened a few prescription Chan let her try to change. “After a year of hard work, Ms. Chen’s asset allocation has been initially gain.”


must be pointed out that China Merchants Bank Wealth Management team to three prescriptions issued by Chan, thanks to the efficacy of herbs with different combinations of various financial instruments that, in the mystery of the whole variety of options and with the proportion of this process must be done by financial planners and asset situation of the financial needs of investors comprehensive understanding, in order to achieve the right remedy.


therapeutic purposes


accumulation future education expenses of children and spouses pension funds


treatment guidelines


ensure the safety of funds on the basis of improving the long-term investment income


by a slightly conservative investment style, into doing professional investment asset allocation, taking Chan Merchants Bank Wealth Management team out of the three prescription. These prescription drugs contain what? Specific effects what?


first one drug


purchase of investment-oriented insurance


effect: ADHD cures funds


characteristics: longer investment yields and considerable financial products.


Interpretation: This herb unpretentious, ensuring income, precipitation funds most effectively. Yields and considerable financial products, but 3-5 years or even longer sealing possession, you can ensure the safety of funds and a longer time to get benefits.


first two drugs


buy quality preservation fund


effect: for Wenbu Yang Yuan


features: secure funding, get steady income.


Interpretation: Paul the Fund The Fund is regarded as Cordyceps. Insects and grass two completely different creatures together produces a magical efficacy – Similarly, when bonds and stocks crash: plain bond and in the stock of hostility, glossy stock and can erase debt mediocrity.


first three drugs


buy bank investment in gold bullion


effect: for nourishing vitality


features: a hedge against inflation risk, increase their value.


Interpretation: Bank investment in gold bullion investment products claim to be the ginseng, it boosts the body’s immune function, in the face of currency devaluation, while inflation, risk aversion can play magical efficacy, as an asset escort. Meanwhile, it is also the choice for heritage assets.


(investment risk, market to be cautious; If thus the market, at your own risk)

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AS-i Products Family of three months of income 14,000 still owed thirty clever financial debt financial planning t


Beijing Times readers in Guangzhou Ma and his wife have a two year old son. Today the couple after-tax monthly salary of about 14,000 yuan, more than a month is basically paycheck to paycheck, have a small three-bedroom, plus interest loans 800,020 years to pay off, no car, plans to buy a few within 3 years thousand dollars scooter, my wife has a monthly 800 yuan fund, house property costs hydropower gas costs a total of 500 yuan, 3,500 yuan mortgage, their monthly living expenses 1500 yuan, 2000 yuan wife, others do not know how the money is gone, My wife and I have no concept of financial management, it is no deposit, also owed 30,000 yuan debt. How to finance?


Financial proposals]


an insurance configure


Given that the family is currently in the formative years, both husband and wife assume greater family responsibilities. Spouses income disruption at the level of family life greater impact. Recommended configuration as soon as possible during this type of highly leveraged insurance products (ie premiums less expenses, high level of protection).


recommended configuration:


1 critical illness insurance: level calculated according to local medical spouses and children 100,000 insured amount for each configuration, choose the longest payment period, at least one way of payment, monthly payment of about 100 yuan per person.


2 Term Life Insurance: It is recommended to purchase home side main source of income. Sum insured to cover the mortgage and car loan the remaining members of the family of basic living and educational expenses is limited.


Second, pay off debt


recommend customers to reduce non-essential living expenses, pay off the debt in installments within a year, the monthly payment $ 2,500.


three car


recommended plan to purchase postponed, first, to reduce the pressure of life, in addition to the kids in kindergarten when close to home if the school does not have a shuttle bus is also available, and recommended the purchase price control in less than 10 yuan, can basically meet the domestic because in the near future will be faced with some families choose garden school choice because the child brought spending to meet the basic needs first, customers purchase the target can be achieved by the Bank of China automobile installment plan.


four gold accumulation Education

 After four years of school kids facing

questions, suggestions deposit 1,000 yuan monthly education savings. Can buy a long-term savings-type insurance pay off the car loan.


five other


1. savings part of contingency reserve (by six monthly expenditure estimates about 20,000) Monetary Fund or Class Monetary Fund financial forms exist, while maintaining the liquidity situation, raise revenue.


2 fund investment – to introduce only the profit mechanism: the establishment of only the profit rate, such as 10%, while investment in the amount of the proposed increase in the loss reaches a certain percentage.


expert guidance: Bank of China Beijing Branch Banking Manager Han Xu Jinghua Times reporter Gao Xie Yao Chen Jinghua Times cartography

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Limit Switch Box Couples with an annual income of 340,000 skillfully solve two suites fund balance due two suites dec


I am 44 years old, surnamed Wang, 40 years old lady, in a state-owned trading company, the annual income of about 200,000, the wife of a large state-owned company engaged in administrative work, after-tax monthly income of 12,000 yuan, relatively fixed, non- Other sources of income.


personal set of existing 150 square meters of housing, the full amount paid, the current market value of around 6.5 million. 2009 acquisition of more than 20 million sedan, usually travel to work on his wife, I have a company cars. Internal currently raising another room to buy a 140 flat, no large property, paid 700,000, left 400,000 unpaid.


family existing deposits 1,000,000 in cash, while the market value of 800,000 shares, do not want a shot. Financial products $ 100,000. Monthly household expenditure of about 7000 yuan. Seven children, in elementary school. Home for the elderly do not live together, better economic conditions, without incurring the cost of health care and maintenance.


■ financial position
 Mr. Wang is a person

total annual income of 344,000 yuan, the total daily household expenses 84,000 yuan a year, every year there are 260,000 balances. There are still include cash, stocks, insurance, financial and other deposits of 215 million. The couple is stable, there is a room for a car are no loans, there is a child, no old people live together without the burden of healthcare and maintenance costs, overall economic conditions are better growing family.


considering paying back a second home to settle and then purchase a car, then how to pay funds to meet the needs of both programs on rational planning. Also children will also face problems abroad, pre-fund reserves is vital.


financial goals: Recent housing buyers to consider raising funds to settle and renovation costs, expected expenditures 800,000. Is used to pay the deposit or any other better way?


buyers should pay the full amount of the balance due


second house there is a surplus, Mr. Wang did not pay back the principal, plus the house renovation cost is estimated $ 800,000. If the money in one lump sum on the current economic situation, Mr. Wang is not impossible, but it is not a small number. Mr. Wang has been put into the stock and do not want to sell, finance and insurance not easy to be realized, but also consider the problem of children abroad to study, if one of the 800,000 are paid to the family’s overall estate planning is not the best choice.


because Mr. Wang’s first home was the full amount paid, and the couple is stable, can be considered to resolve the remaining problems with paying back the loan fund, although the two suites higher down payment, but Mr. Wang has two suites paid 700,000, and fund loan interest rates are relatively low, and the remaining funds can choose the rational allocation of financial products, so the rest of the financial and capital gains earned on loans both differences and can ensure the required ready to respond to a temporary home funds.


financial goals: short-term plans to buy a value of about 300,000 SUV. The main consideration of long-term children’s education expenses, including the cost of college studying abroad.


car suggested staging


cars purchased second one is to improve the quality of life of Mr. Wang, but a value of 300,000 SUV would use up the couple for nearly a year revenue balances, the full amount of the car will occupy part of the existing funds .


recommended to consider credit card installment purchase, generally 30% down payment (about 90,000 yuan), select 3-year car loan interest rates moderate period of time is not high, the car on the way home, Mr. Wang does not cause fundamental economic pressure.


consider spending on children’s education, it is a growing family and most importantly, it is best to be able to do earmarking. Study countries, there are differences in costs. According to the U.S. four years of university per year takes roughly $ 200,000, Mr. Wang kids from around the university there for nearly 10 years, it is recommended to consider the purchase of three or five years of contributions, maturity of 10 years participating insurance. Decentralization of funds deposited, one out, under the premise of guaranteed funds can also be effective against inflation, earmarking.


financial goals: Please help improve family financial plan.


100 million mobile configuration too


100 million in cash for the family of Mr. Wang, the liquidity ratio of the configuration was a bit too high. Mr. Wang couple stable, no maintenance problems for the elderly, family emergency Golden recommended configuration 10% of total assets (about 200,000) can be. Recommended to consider purchasing flexibility stronger financial products, within normal trading hours can be redeemed arrival, so the interest rate of 3%, ready to be flexible to ensure domination. The remaining funds proposed purchase of interim financial products, general interest rate between 5% -6% of such investment products are robust, can effectively dilute the risk of stock market declines lead to capital losses.


better economic conditions in the growing family, the couple is an important economic pillar of the family, in case of accidents, child’s future life will be greatly affected. In order to effectively transfer the risks of loss, it is recommended Mr. Wang and his wife were buying critical illness insurance for themselves. Sum insured to cover at least four years of child education expenses, the couple each insured 300,000 guarantee to 75 years, Mr. Wang deposit 29,000 yuan a year, his wife deposit 25,000 yuan a year, 10 years credited. Enjoy premium waiver period, as long as serious illness or accident, not all the money can be deposited exemption does not give the child a burden on the economy. If the risk does not occur, the money will be returned to the couple as pension funds, too.


Chang VIP Account Manager


you do not fiscal, financial ignore you. I do not know how to manage?


(Original title: solve two suites with a fund balance due and renovation costs)

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Inductive limit switch How statistician whose family income is 120 square meters of changing fiscal 8000 financial ward war



Money [Case] ​​

 Miss Liu Fuzhou

friends who is a statistician, the monthly income of 2,800 yuan. Husband income 5800 yuan per month. They total 22,000 yuan year-end awards, the two units have to pay social security. Monthly household expenses 3,700 yuan, 2,200 yuan monthly mortgage payments, other monthly expenses 1,500 yuan, in other expenses of $ 20,000. There are deposits 120,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan demand deposits, other assets of $ 50,000, a $ 500,000 property.


financial goals []


1, this year, going to a child.


2, for a set of 120 flat housing.


3, ready money of $ 150,000 for home improvements.


4, retirement savings plans now.


and financial news channel invited Jiafeng Rui de tailored financial planner financial case for the users as follows:


[Financial Analysis]

 According to Ms. Liu’s family home

financial situation 嘉丰瑞 German financial planner do simple household income and expenditure statistics, household assets / liabilities tables, and family financial analysis, as follows:


1, family financial analysis


Table 1: Family Income and Expenditure Statistics


household income and expenditure statistics


Project monthly income annual income Project monthly expenditure years Expenditure

 2800 +5800 103200

wages daily life 3700 44400


bonus – 22000 mortgage repayments 2200 26400


travel expenses –


insurance –


Other 1500 18000


Other – 20000


Total 105400 Total expenses 108800


Year Balance -3400


Source: Jia Fengrui Germany _Copyright


Table 2: Family Assets / Debt Statistics


home equity / debt statistics


deposits 120,000 overdraft –


cash, demand deposits 20,000 car loan –


bonds – house loans 270000


Fund –


stock –


Real Estate Investment –


self-occupied property 500000




Total 690000 Total 270000


Source: Jia Fengrui Germany _Copyright


2, analysis of financial goals


Lau annual total income of 105,400 yuan, living expenses + mortgage + other expenses 108,800 yuan per year, which can analyze the Lau family home enough money needed. Coupled with this plan to have children, family life, spending must be increased, so Miss Liu Jia Fengrui German financial planner suggested the primary aspects of family living expenses control, it is recommended to do the budget, so every penny carried out, by daily journal to help control spending. Be reasonably good control of spending, followed again to complete the wards and pension plans.


Financial proposals]


1, the reasonable control of the consumer


Miss Liu family make ends meet each year, the income is not enough spending. So 嘉丰瑞 German financial planner suggested Miss Liu family’s primary task is to without affecting the overall quality of life for families, families of some irrational consumption control, such as reducing the number of dining out and entertainment, shopping, etc. to control, and then mandatory monthly savings balance, or the balance of the fund can invest money treasure, both as a family imprest can used with the check;’ll gain about 4% per year, add up.


2, children education payments planning


Miss Liu this year plans to have children, 20,000 yuan demand deposits as pregnancy payments, medical expenses and baby daily necessities. In addition, Ms. Liu Jia Fengrui German financial planner recommended children’s education gold reserve in advance, you can use the monthly or monthly fixed investment fund investment by way of accumulating reserves. Meanwhile you can also buy your child a certain amount of personal accident insurance.


3, wards and decoration planning


Lau home alone if the annual income, to wards and within a few years to get 150,000 yuan renovation costs may be difficult to achieve. Financial planner suggested then existing property can be sold, with an annual household income and access to finance and investment after wards. According to Ms. Liu family’s financial situation and risk tolerance, the investment banking division suggested adopting a prudent strategy, try to buy some low-risk financial products. 120,000 yuan deposit can come up with to do the investment, Jia Fengrui Germany nowadays prudent financial planner recommended configuration investors favored fixed-income financial products, high safety factor, to get a 10% annual yield from income. With the increase in household income, investments can be properly adjusted.


4, pension plan


Miss Liu and her husband are the main source of household income, faced with childcare, loan repayment, for ward and other pressures, so 嘉丰瑞 German financial planner suggested the two should be appropriate to add some commercial insurance. In addition to Ms. Liu now considering retirement savings plan, the proposed purchase of pension-type insurance, accident insurance and then as an aid in the control of the insured amount per year to 10% of annual household income is appropriate.


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无锡seo Two child families should ensure the safety of deposits increased investment in transferable debt 50


Recommended reading:



Case: Mr. Xu is a company employee, his wife at home with children, have two children, two and a half big and small just two months. Currently monthly family income of 6,000 yuan, the monthly cost of $ 2,500. Wife will work next year, the monthly income of 3,500 yuan increase. However, after taking into account the child’s education, most recently in 2023 wanted to buy a house in his hometown in Sichuan, a total of about $ 500,000.


now only 50,000 yuan deposit, the presence of all the banks, financial planner would like to help plan how to finance the next three years to buy a house?


analysis: Xu, a more stable income, the current balance of the family 3,500 yuan per month, with the kids growing up, spending will increase in the future, you can go to work after his wife wife of income 3500 yuan for the whole family daily expenses, prepare narrow the width.


Banking: Deposits 50,000 yuan Xu home is currently proposed to strengthen the security-oriented investment ratio but can be converted into bonds or bank guaranteed wealth management products to increase revenue, other balances can buy short-term financial products, the current short-term financial basic goods in the annual yield of around 5%. After his wife to work, such as household income will increase, Xu refer to “Twelve deposit method” Money. Carried out 6,000 yuan monthly one-year time deposit, one year after the hands have 12 certificates of deposit of 6,000 yuan, the second year of every month with a deposit expires, no money, it can be to auto-renewal of certificates of deposit, and the deposit of 6,000 yuan a month to continue to add to the deposit of the month maturity, scroll deposits.


both enjoy the time deposit interest rates, while there may be a monthly disposable funds, time deposits without limit. As a result, his wife at home with children one year plus two “second deposit law”, three years later, Mr. Xu can easily make a down payment to purchase. In addition, a good financial habits can also help Mr. Xu, a accumulate more wealth.


protection: Currently Hui Hui has only one social security, it is recommended as soon as possible supplementary business insurance, insured sum 5-10 times annual income to consumer illness and accidents mainly young children to accident and health oriented . Participating higher and life insurance costs, it is recommended not to consider in order to avoid increasing the cost. To buy the insurance as soon as possible in order to shift the risk as soon as possible.


expert guidance: Ampang Life Insurance Beijing branch of a financial planner JIA Hong Ying Hui Beijing Times reporter cow

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Valve Monitor Family of three in 2014 to buy a house financial planning a combination of mortgage relief for stres


investment and finance reporter Wu Hui


spring, Changzhou Chen exuberant readers wrote, “Investment and financial management”, telling her to buy a house plan. She wrestled not to buy a house now, worried to buy a house, life stress becomes large, affecting the quality of life now, and hope that our financial planner to give her some advice and tell her how financial planning is more reasonable?


exuberant 32-year-old, currently working in a group, after-tax annual income of 55,000 yuan, 29,000 yuan by the end of other income, there are social security and pension fund. But the money to pay the monthly fund only 300 yuan, and deposit only a year. After-tax annual income of 60,000 yuan husband, no social security, no funds, nor any commercial insurance. At the end, her husband would give her 30,000 dollar deposits. The amount of deposit is now the home has 20 million on the balance of the whole treasure, the annual yield of around 5.7%.


They had one child, already nine years old. Education to children to buy insurance, annual pay 7985 yuan, educational Insurance dividends each year. Exuberant themselves have accident insurance, to pay 1,830 yuan a year, two insurance premium is less than 1 million per year, all with annual pay received by the child’s gift, the equivalent of two insurance premium does not require additional funding.


currently flourishing a three and elderly people live in 200 square meters of its own room. In-laws have a small business to do, the annual income of about 80,000 yuan, and in-laws have a pension insurance, basic need exuberant them out of alimony. Home, there is a set of replacement housing, the monthly rental income of 450 yuan. Spending at home, plus the cost of keeping a car, the average monthly cost of about $ 6000.


flourishing been identified in 2014 in Changzhou buy a house, this is the first suite. They fancy housing price set at around 950,000 yuan, intends to borrow money, to cobble together a down payment of 500,000 yuan, 450,000 yuan loans, loans for 30 years. Bank lending rates are now relatively high, up 10% up to 7.25% after feeling great pressure. Changzhou provident fund loans and tight, but it is only a one-year fund to pay current fund balance is not much. It is reported that many areas can only fund loans to 10 times the loan account balance, for exuberant very worried about their loan amount will be limited.


planning needs


1,2014 purchased in Changzhou first suite


2, children’s education planning


“Readers are advised to employ a combination of loans (PF + commercial loans), effectively alleviate the pressure for the month, saving interest costs, or adjust the purchase area, reducing the total price and monthly pressure.”


Wang Nanping Renshou regional expansion Beijing Branch


Customer Base Analysis:


flourishing a Yingzhu well-off family, through proper planning, can achieve the 2014 purchase plan. According to the basic situation, an exuberant exposed a lot of exposure. A proposal to establish at least the equivalent of total loans and life insurance and critical illness insurance, and health insurance for the children was equipped.


needs one: 2014 buy


recommend one: using a combination of loans (PF + commercial loans), effectively alleviate the pressure for the month, saving interest costs.


housing fund based in Changzhou latest relevant policies can be fund loans 180,000 270,000 + business loan combinations, commercial loans than simply reducing the monthly 300 yuan, 112,000 yuan savings interest.


recommend two: adjust the purchase area, reducing the total price and monthly pressure

 According to paragraph

Changzhou average high prices 8000 yuan / square meter, the total price of 950,000 yuan can buy at least 120 square meters large three-bedroom apartment. Given the current family of five living in the apartment of 200 square meters, combined with the realization of future housing appreciation, gains the ability to hire, consider buying a small area slightly smaller three-bedroom apartment (85-90 square meters), it has a small size, low price, realized fast and easy rental features, but also meet the family of three daily living.


table, using pure provident fund loans, the total price of 700,000 yuan, down 520,000 yuan, 180,000 yuan loans, equal installments of principal and interest for 20 years, for the month of about 1,100 yuan (about the lowest 540 yuan)


also consider lowering the down payment, the loan using a combination of methods, the total price of 700,000 yuan, down 420,000 yuan (more than 80,000 yuan renovation loans), commercial loans 100,000 yuan + provident fund loans 180,000 yuan, equal installments of principal and interest for 30 years, monthly 1,600 yuan (about the lowest 1000 yuan)


Demand two: child education payments


exuberant child has been configured to nearly 8,000 yuan in premiums education payments insurance, but did not mention specific companies and insurance, education payments from insurers configuration point of view, can basically meet. 9-year-old child has, the risk of disease and accidents are relatively increased risk, it is recommended by health insurance plans evergreens configuration peace, perfect children basic health care (+10 ten thousand yuan 100,000 yuan critical illness insurance accident medical +1 ten thousand yuan, annual Premiums 2,500 yuan).


NOTE: If you have already configured for child education payments of insurance including life, critical illness and accident medical care, can not re-configure the other security products.


due debt ratio changes, so the family coverage gap increased significantly. Mr. exuberant no basis for protection (commercial insurance and social security), only about 500,000 yuan exuberant I insured Accidental Death Benefit (based on premium estimates), the actual coverage gap bigger.


recommend exuberant life husband and wife are equipped with flat Zhisheng protection plan that includes 300,000 yuan million critical illness insurance +30 +20 +1 million yuan unexpected accident medical; annual premiums are about 4,000 yuan, the proposed 30 Above the long-term pay.


based on the above recommendations, the family-based security expenditure budget: exuberant Casualty 1830 yuan 8000 yuan + couple + child health safeguards to protect children’s education gold 2500 yuan 8000 yuan + = 20,330 yuan. Approximately 13% of annual household income, belonging to the insurance configure the 10% -15% of the range of reasonable expenses.




financial planning involved in these financial products are:


① evergreen health insurance plans [Ping Ping An Xinsheng Whole Life Insurance (Participating, 2012) + additional advance payments Xinsheng additional critical illness insurance + accident medical (A / B)]


② flat Zhisheng Life Protection Plan [Ping Zhisheng life life insurance (universal type) + Ping An additional advance payments to outsmart life critical illness insurance + Ping An additional worry Accident Insurance (2013) + additional peace accidental injury worry Medical Insurance (A / B)]


“suggested exuberant couple while now ‘baby’ class financial yields started to decline on the occasion, choose to configure most of the money to the bank and long-term financing, in order to lock a relatively high income.”


Zhang Yixin 2010 joined the Chinese Beijing Branch of China Everbright Bank currently serves as a private bank (Beijing) Center Wealth Advisors, has extensive experience in customer service.




special instructions


① As the application is the subject of housing mortgage loans exuberant couple, family financial situation so the above table does not include financial data analysis exuberant in-laws.


② According to available information shows that exuberant elderly couple in maintenance costs and the cost of home insurance expenditure is zero, household spending was mainly living expenses and car costs 6,000 yuan per month, totaling 72,000 yuan a year.


financial planning recommendations:


◆ buyers planning


Changzhou provident fund loans due to tight and exuberant little fund balance, it can only choose to apply for commercial loans, apply for the loan fund or portfolio abandon type loans. Assuming housing price at around 95 million exuberant couple through borrowing money to cobble together a down payment of 500,000 yuan. Assuming the loan from the bank 45 can yuan, according to 10% of the benchmark interest rate that is 7.2 5%, loans 30 years. Equal installments of principal and interest repayment in accordance with the monthly mortgage payments should be 3,070 yuan, the total loan 36,840 yuan a year.


general when applying for individual housing mortgage loans, when the applicant’s family income for the year was more than double the loan amount, the applicant and no bad credit history, mortgage applications in general can pass.


◆ Educational Planning


exuberant couple’s medium-term goal is the child’s education investment, think through reasonable asset allocation, the pursuit of higher relative return on investment, the cost of education for their children had enough. Their existing investment primarily in two ways: First, to educate children to buy insurance, to pay 7,985 yuan in annual dividends of insurance access to education. Second, the existing 20 yuan deposits on the balance of the whole treasure, the annual yield of about 5.7%. This kind of portfolio is reasonable? We carried out a detailed analysis of the two investments.


1, Education Insurance: General risk is relatively small, the relative safety of principal, but the annual dividend paid at an annualized rate of return on investment, typically 2% – 3%, the yield is relatively low. Therefore, we recommend the funds to fund investment, continuous investment in 10 years, for example, the average annual rate of return of 6% -10%. As the exuberant children at home this year just nine years old, about 10 years later would use the money as college tuition and living expenses, and the current A-share market is relatively low point, so it is suitable for investment fund investment period of 10 years.


2, balance treasure: the starting point is low, relatively high flexibility, but yields continued to decline in the near future. Since April, market liquidity is relatively loose, interbank lending rates continued to decline. Affected by this, the Internet “baby Legion” yields continued to fall, ending April 28, the balance of the year on the 7th of treasure yield 5.08 percent, compared with 7% of the initial issue, a larger decline. Therefore, it is recommended to take advantage of exuberant couple Money market yields are now beginning to decline on the occasion, choose to configure most of the money to the bank and long-term financing, in order to lock a relatively high income.


◆ other planning


1, family imprest: exuberant family belong “There are old, under a small” structure, the elderly and the children will have a temporary emergency money needs, it is recommended to prepare enough exuberant couple families imprest to rainy day. Emergency fund in accordance with generally required to meet the family 3 – Principles 6 months living expenses, exuberant family emergency fund = (. Annual living expenses of $ 20,000 + 7 years to pay the mortgage 37,000 yuan) / 2 = 55,000 yuan . The funds can be placed in current accounts or flexible investment period, the lower the risk of currency funds.


2, Insurance Planning: exuberant husband is the breadwinner of the family, but no social security, no funds, nor any commercial insurance for the entire family, it is a risk point. Therefore, it is recommended to configure some exuberant husband appropriate return type of critical illness insurance and accident insurance consumer with a comprehensive protection scheme to cover family risk points.


point assessment


plan to buy a house in order to achieve, exuberant need to cut costs, at this stage, no support for the elderly and renters, can reduce the cost of 1,000 yuan per month. In addition, if worried buyers affect the quality of life, can reduce the purchase area. For exuberant family reality, we are given two financial planner good advice, exuberant reference.

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Stainless steel solenoid valve Bridge engineer from scratch six years to earn two bedrooms and two vehicles yield engineers started


“let money be your slave, instead of being enslaved by money.” says Mr. King when it comes to his financial experience. Graduated from college, he passed six years in the investment road veteran, earned by the couple’s hands all the belongings and did not rely on their parents, now has two bedrooms and two cars and millions of assets, his financial management is quite worth learning from.


Kim, 30, is an engineer from Suzhou Bridge, the current annual household income of 220,000 yuan. 24-year-old university graduate from the beginning of that year, he began to financial accounting, these years have been earned in the stock market had lost over almost tried all the financial management, the former tend to gradually shift from aggressive investment preferences of today are steady financial preferences.


his considerable experience in financial products and real estate investment. Currently, there are nearly 300,000 of his money into a variety of short and long term financial products. Beginning last year, he bought some of the various types of financial products on Taobao, and often up to 7% yield to buy products than the current expected rate of return financial products.


And because of these financial products sold online are mostly insurance products, and only promised rate of return of 2.5%, the risk is still relatively high. When a reporter asked her how to balance the benefits and risks, Mr. King said that he saw these products are still in the early promotion, the promotion of the issuer in order to achieve the effect, often yield to maturity will try to close the expected rate of return, and therefore case, he had purchased from a product point of view of maturity, when the issue is not only to achieve maturity yield of 2.5%, mostly in line with expectations. However, Mr. King in order to avoid the risk, they just choose maturing within one year of the product, which is to avoid the long term lead to its initial promotional period has expired, the occurrence of actual yield is too low.


and for real estate investment in Kim’s view, “the house is an investment product completely.” Currently, he has two sets of real estate, a value of $ 1.3 million from the housing, another set for the rental value of $ 500,000, the current rent earnings has reached 7%. Quite surprisingly, last year, Mr. Kim has a value of 1.11 million yuan to acquire a 105 square meters of real estate, he soon sold to relatives to start at the beginning of this year, turnover of 1.17 million yuan, Kim received the first half of funds, the other half by the other party in accordance with the bank interest within five years with interest back to him.


did so, Mr. King is out of the following considerations: First, the house he had lived for six months; Second, by trading him to earn 60,000 yuan; Third, because this is the house itself Bank loans 660,000 yuan to buy, so this should be paid interest on the loan on Kim by the buyer to pay up, and from which funds can be borrowed for investment, resulting in a much higher return than bank interest; four is due to professional advantage, the sets of real estate renovation furniture cost only spent less than $ 50,000, which is included in the initial cost of 111 million, and then began to buy back the furniture depreciation, and resold able discounting 60,000 yuan. Coincidentally, there is a 30% off discount mortgage loans last year, when Mr. King, and now mortgage rates are floating. In addition, there are Suzhou prices this year downward trend, also coincided with the beginning of the high prices to sell this time. These made him feel very values ​​the deal done. Currently, the couple is planning to observe the property of their lows, starting a small villa belongs to them.


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Wireless limit switch box Single young men planning to marry clever car loans to buy a car is king financial news financial pl


current relatively special case, but also show the pressure of today’s young people are facing. Lin Feng childhood living in single-parent families, and grandmother have been living together since childhood experience to life is not easy, so many sensible than their peers, young people, early turned his personal financial planning.


investment and finance reporter Chen Wei


financial needs


need help Lin Feng look how his two funds, long-term adherence is scheduled to vote whether it is worth?

 Lin Feng

need to make a diagnosis of pension insurance, endowment insurance to see whether he bought suits him; If illness and accident insurance, and how to plan?


car he wanted marriage, what to do?


26-year-old Lin Feng career in 2009 after graduating college CNC machinery, work on state-owned enterprises into a three-tier cities in Anhui. Monthly deduction of the “insurance policy”, he can get 3200 yuan wages, usually 700 yuan per month for living expenses, the remaining money will do a more detailed plan.


last December, he began to conduct equity fund investment, each Fund will vote 500 yuan per month. Galaxy industry’s current market value 2301 yuan, 1454 yuan Southern medicine. Sunshine Insurance Lin Feng also bought a 10-year period of rich gold rose participating endowment insurance, 5023.4 yuan per year. Do regular physical examination every year, costs 1,400 yuan.


“I have a $ 400 monthly housing fund, now about 8,000, plans to take out money to buy the fund. planing to fixed investment funds, life balance every month will basically buy Monetary Fund. monetary fund yields also Yes, much better than in banks. “Lin Feng IMF currently has 20,000 yuan, and 12,000 yuan deposit.


Currently, Lin Feng mainly before marriage this event. Lin Feng and his girlfriend have been getting along more than two years, is expected next year after getting married. On the ground, the man marry a wife, you need $ 100,000 gift to the woman, which is not a small number.


The only thing Lin Feng somewhat relaxed, he bought a house early, the first payment is to purchase and mother Lin Feng Minato, several relatives also supports a number of current loans have been repaid. Today, the 80-square-meter house in the local value of around 36 million. Grandmother and mother have a pension, now do not need to take care of, when he got married, but also to support his mother and grandmother.


Lin Feng to save money, do not want to get married feast, afraid the other parent does not agree, which makes him relatively distressed, I feel the pressure. Many local etiquette, feast spend relatively large, it is possible to get married Lin Feng years of savings run out.


Lin Feng plans to get married, buy a car worth 100,000 yuan, and consider buying a large dangerous or accident insurance, the cost can withstand a year in 7000 dollars.


he hopes financial planner can give an overall planning program, there are plans to execute their own good together.


security planning: Consider the consumer’s regular health insurance and accident insurance


Liuqi Bin Heng An Standard Financial Planner He Jiaqi Kai Shek wealth wealth manager


Liuqi Bin: I do not recommend the first young people to buy an insurance policy is a pension insurance, as for individuals, the more difficult to buy insurance must be bought as soon as possible. What is “harder to buy”? Human health will decline with increasing age, the insurance company guarantees insurance rates will increase and decrease with the age of customers and changes in the health index, “the more difficult to buy,” the insurance refers to health insurance.


Lin Feng career and family pressures are present, priority should be to work hard on health insurance and should not do too much paper in the pension insurance, use of funds. Lin Feng suggested considering consumer’s regular health insurance and accident insurance, in addition to saving money, but also the effective use of the insurance company’s leverage, pass individual risk, cost control within a month salary of $ 3,200 can be.


He Jiaqi financial planner: Lin Feng is currently purchasing this product as Sun Life annuity newly developed financial plan, the main risk, “Kim Seung-rich annuity bonus type” and accompanying risks “additional wealth account annuity C models universal type” a combination of both annuities and universal insurance double advantage.


Kim Seung-rich primary insurance annuity guarantee features include: 10 days after get the insurance policy, the customer can get the first life annuity, equivalent to 30% of the basic insurance amount. That is, the sum insured for Lin, can get 1507 yuan per year of life annuity, mid constantly, until 10-year maturity, and then returned to 100% of the premiums. Meanwhile, the main risk is also very humane increased premiums for policyholders exempt security function, if the insured during the payment, due to an accident resulting in death or total disability, all outstanding premiums are exempt from the latter, not the interests of the contract of insurance affected, according to the return of the collar, take photos dividends.


additional risk functions are mainly wealth accumulation. The life annuity payments each year, and the first phase of an additional premium bonuses are automatic and free access to universal insurance financial accounts, enjoy day compounding interest compounded monthly value-added benefits, which account provides the industry’s highest security at the end gain 2.5%, and the first five years is expected to yield not less than 5%.


the same time, any time, as long as customers need money, you can freely receive from the account at any time, convenient and flexible, policy remain valid. Insurance including death or expiration, the return value of personal accounts of all funds. Meet in the insurance expires, the expiration of the insurance beneficiary may apply for an annuity conversion needs.


Therefore, from the point of view of preservation, Lin purchase insurance or suitable to hold, but the customers in addition to this insurance does not configure any other critical illness insurance for themselves. For Lin’s case, given the following programs:


recommended configuration ICBC AXA – Royal cubic protection scheme. First, it serves as a critical illness insurance, then insurance, customers can enjoy three critical illness insurance. Meanwhile, if the insured person is first diagnosed, unfortunately meets contract major diseases, will be exempted from the date of the premium received from the disease diagnosed in the remaining policy year Royal cubic insurance plans. Secondly, the extensive coverage to protect 40 kinds of major diseases.


estimated as follows: Mr. Lin 26 years old this year, the sum insured for their purchase of 20 million ICBC An AXA “Royal Cube” security program to protect the insurance contract to Lin’s first full 88 years after the age of anniversary date.


Lam Select 30 years pay an annual premium to pay 5,376 yuan (payment amount customers affordable range).

 Policy benefits

Lin obtained as follows:


I. Lin unfortunate if a major disease for the first time will receive $ 200,000 in insurance money and the cumulative annual dividends. If the unfortunate event of a major disease again, after the addition of premium exemption can still get a second $ 200,000 in insurance money. Up to three payments, totaling $ 600,000.


case two, if the customer dies, the death benefit will be $ 200,000, the cumulative annual dividends, end bonus.


case three, if the insurance expires, customers will get full insurance of $ 200,000, the cumulative annual dividends, end bonus.


such a security system, I believe that to meet the demand, and the need to pay the annual premiums are affordable range.


investments: two funds can insist on fixed investment, fixed investment may also consider index funds


He Jiaqi:


take a look at the Galaxy the fund industry. It was founded in April 2009, including a number of professional fund rating agency Morningstar, Galaxy, Haitong, investment and other 3-year ratings are the highest rated 5 stars. Since the establishment of the growth rate of 117.39 percent, this year the growth rate reached 6.82 percent, are located in the same performance ranking highest in a long time.


the same time, the fund manager’s investment style is growth-oriented, focusing more on the company’s long-term growth. The fund is a boom industry and by investing in the industry is expected to boom in the competitive enterprises to share the growth of China’s economy. Through the various sectors of multi-level qualitative and quantitative analysis, judgment boom conditions of the industry, on this basis, the implementation of flexible and dynamic sector allocation, select the boom industry competitive enterprises to invest, you can get a healthy return on investment. So the whole, continue to adhere to recommended Lin Feng fixed investment.


then look south medicine. As the South’s first fund company’s Healthcare Fund, which style is balanced stock and bond funds, the ownership percentage 14.88%, invests primarily in securities of pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. As people’s living standards improve, increasing health awareness, higher quality pharmaceutical products and services have a new demand, which will further promote the development of pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, so that the value of equity investments in the health insurance industry is more prominent.


according Wande data show that the market has been in operation and has the results to be investigated five medical theme funds this year to get the average yield of 33.5%, significantly ahead of similar common stock fund 16.36 percent average increase over the same period. So the whole, the fund risk and the expected long-term average rate of return is lower than stock funds, higher than bond funds, money market funds, recommends that customers continue to hold.


Liuqi Bin:

 Lin Feng

two funds are scheduled to vote, one stock, the other belonging to stock and bond balanced funds, in combination, are active offensive configuration (fund investors to the stock market, the initiative to buy the corresponding stock). Personally believe that the Fund will vote or using index funds is more appropriate, it is more suitable for long-term passive Attack investment (fund movements linked to certain types of index component index above 300 index card, etc.), and small fluctuations.


proposed change 1-2 only index fund investment, large companies should be on the issue of choice, for a long time in the market to follow the performance of the index fund category. On fixed investment channels, Lin Feng proposal to fund online accounts, online banking bundling their fixed investment is better, because the monthly handling fee is low enough in the long run, can save a considerable amount of costs.


plan to purchase: Loans to buy a car is king


Liuqi Bin:


Chinese people do not like debt, so buy something to develop a habit of paying the full amount, only young people like loans. But whether you have the ability not the ability, should the loan to buy a car.


Do not ignore inflation


us an account balance: if we put 100,000 yuan into the new cars, new cars depreciate in ignoring the premise, two years later, the original purchase of $ 100,000 has been devalued to 84,000 yuan (by one year CPI increased by 8% basis). But if you are a car loan, this part of the losses borne by the bank. Of course, the bank will charge a fixed interest rate, but you can also use bank financing the balance of treasure and other means to fight, if you encounter some of the interest-free models, it is a sure win. Thus, the future is worth only 84,000 yuan of money to buy $ 100,000 worth today is a good deal of things.


reasonable car finance loans


car does not have a value-added potential, if consumers have enough money to buy a car full amount, as by way of loans, save money, make other investments. For example, a loan to buy a family car around 150,000 yuan. If a bank loan of $ 120,000 five-year period, according to the current monthly interest rate 5. 025 ‰ per month 2538.50 yuan loan principal to be paid to the bank, the average monthly pay interest 306.526 yuan, five-year interest payments to banks totaling 18 391. 56 million, an average annual interest payment 3678.31 yuan. Accumulate their daily income, can make other financial planning.


He Jiaqi:


proposal can be selected with car installments. For example, customers can apply for a credit cards, then apply “car purchase easy,” according to the cardholder’s bank credit situation, to enhance its credit card installment facilities to meet the cardholder purchase installments specified brand car dealer needs.

 Just take some

cardholder fees, car payments to repay the monthly installments, repayment fully relieve the pressure. Meanwhile, car dealers will be different from time to time launched various promotional activities, fee waiver or reduced installments. Lin made the following estimates of:


Lin intends to purchase 100,000 vehicles, down 40%, ie loans 60,000 yuan, can be divided into up to 36 monthly payments. Fee of 7% of the repayment amount is only a single 1,783 yuan, 4,200 yuan of the total fee.


this way, the purchase of vehicles to meet the needs of customers, while customers continue to invest surplus funds can accumulate wealth.

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Mobile Jammer 30-year-old female finance fiscal years from 1000 to 200,000 deposit fiscal female financial plannin


[REVIEW] saying, “thirty.” Into the thirties, most people are in the business should rise, and successfully accumulated a considerable fortune. You have to thirties, has assets of how many? From entering the community to the thirties, your financial growth path traversed what is it? Those still in the youth Ai fiscal woman who you have never imagined his own financial situation of the thirties it? 30-year-old successful deposit 200,000, “she Financial Network” wealth woman Yeah Yeah Yeah Iraq eight years with the growth of her wealth to yourself to produce a satisfactory answer. Tell me what you fiscal woman, after reading, you are not reconsidering their financial growth path it?


Although just joined, “she Financial Network,” but in fact they have a sense of wealth has been for many years, I talk about is how the deposit (in fact, the balance of wealth management + stock + Po + deposit) of it!


an income change


06, the end of the deposit 1K, the average monthly income of 1K;


07, the end of the deposit 2K +, the average monthly income of 1.5K;


08, the end of the deposit 5K +, the average monthly income of 2.5K;


09, the end of the year the average monthly income deposit 8K + 3K;


10 years, by the end of the deposit 30K, the average monthly income 6K;


11 years, by the end of the deposit 100K, the average monthly income 8K;


12 years, by the end of the deposit 160K, the average monthly income of 6K + wedding envelopes 40K;


13 years, 200K by the end of the deposit, the average monthly income of 6K + husband income 8K.


fact, the biggest deposits began to increase obviously see it, because revenue increased, and I went to work in the fourth year wages have a significant breakthrough, in fact, not because I am doing well, but because I found a better income high positions, through the efforts of a few months, job transfer was successful, I was able to deposit this is the main reason to 200,000. This is just my job a few years ago, deposits of slow growth completely unable to imagine.


two, my financial growth path


1,2007 In stock fund investment


earlier if financial people should remember that in 2007, when a wave of stock bull market, but also at that time, my parents almost all deposits into the stock, I have no money, and I just graduated in 2006, low income, The deposit is just a year-end boss gave it a little year-end awards, one thousand of income is enough to buy their own clothes snack, but also save the flower. Everyone is jealous but they make money, they bought a threshold is relatively small fund investment, the choice is easy to developed and China are two, respectively, have bought 2 times 500. Because the income is not enough to spend on give up, do not hold on. Fortunately, it did not insist that by the end of 2007 the stock market began to fall, and that two of my poor fund of 1000 fell to 500 with 700 on, put some time later, I have chosen to redeem, it might as well put the bank demand .


So from that time, I discovered equity investment is not for me, I must choose the preservation.


2,2009 years of bookkeeping and the IMF


07 began to fall in love, quit trifle generous wages after 2008, but spending a lot, did not save money, but also by the year-end bonus was leftover hair out a little. So in 2009 ready bookkeeping, it really does not set the record every day for a year, even 5 cents of the electric car parking fees are recorded. Then select the e-books online, now go find sites are closed down. They still do better in the online journal. But the bookkeeping can see the money spent where to go, because at that time appointments every day, so eat and drink as well as money spent on watching movies and entertainment or something. They still did not save any money, but began to buy Monetary Fund, or easy to square up, and then about 3-4 points better than the current bank somewhat.


3,2010 Open Source


remember a year off found useless. Because of the need to have to spend the money to spend, save down. Because appointments can not do more with it, because you do not look at the movies? Because money does not go out to play tourist? Meaning that money where it not for a better life it? In this young age do not do not do that, and more boring. Reorientation decided to learn from their mistakes, the process is very difficult, but fortunately persevered, successful, revenue increased immediately. But because of off-site work is split up, felt the loss to the larger than deposits.


But now it seems do not regret, income and savings than men to be reliable is many things, but of their income high, eyes wide, full opportunity to understand better man. For example, now husband, hee hee.


open source is the best financial management, this is my personal idea all along.


4, the bank regularly


after more than 10 years of revenue think we should put money down, was also read some financial sites that we should deposit a sum of money every month, there is a lot of money throughout the year so you can utilize, to the bank to open a web household financial management, bonuses every three months when he entered, and save a little money, it really is able to save some, probably saved more than a year, to the 11 years I have gradually come up, because the feeling is still too low income .


5, financial products


lobbied 50000, I began to buy financial products, and was about 5.25% of it, remember, anyway, is the ratio of the bank on a regular basis to some of the high, and though not guaranteed, but we have never heard of anyone The loss, so from now on always buying. When received by the end of 12 elements married once lobbied for money to buy a fifty finance, honeymoon ready to use.


end and the end of the quarter in general relatively high, but that time is no need to wait before buying, because if more then 20 days in front of it, the interest saved higher than the price difference. I was at the end of last year to buy the latest , 6.7% of half the product, 130000.


6, grasp her husband income, do household financial officer


marriage card to put her husband’s wages over, he has two cards, before his own income has been handed over to his family, a mortgage, and then he left little money in stocks and in fried several years after a loss, I had a day to help him thin calculations, and analysis of the stakes, he put another card that night initiative over to me, in exchange, I also provide a sum of his own Revenue more than 20,000 dedicated to him for stocks. Although they knew’ll lose, but he that bad habits are not, stocks can be considered a hobby, let him give her a few hundred pieces a month to buy cigarettes smoked.


7, the balance of treasure


buying financial products, I left my hands to do less capital 20,000 emergency use, but put the bank always felt a little pity, just to have a balance of treasure, it suits me so much money, bought a few months found good income, financial products revenues are higher than some, and now a total of 40,000 + on the inside, gain more than 8 per day.


So now deposit is 130,000 more than the balance of financial +4 +2 treasure more than the stock account, there is little piecemeal money on hand.


Do not say I took two 13-year revenue was saved 40,000. Last year we spent 80,000 tourism. Although it sounds a little too much, accounting for half of the annual income, but there is nothing more important than to complete the dream. Before 30-year-old children have been to a few places to go, how wonderful.


three, about the future: Consider buy


I can save a very important point is that there is no burden on the family, and does not require repayment, under the name of both parents have two sets of real estate, marriage my family have bought me a car. Therefore, from the revenue side, I saved 200,000 really is not that much, or spending a little big. But since the beginning of discovery more important than the throttle open, it may still be thinking about how to make money.


because of her husband’s parents’ income is actually quite low, but through the sale of the house after 2 earn a lot of money, so they still want to buy investments. Future appreciation of the space may be considered where there is a house, own repayment. But now the price is too high, and basically have 2 million or more, in considering fertility problems, intend to take it! (She Banking Network)


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3G Jammer Money Daren Nuggets go from stock Duanchao World Cup stocks financial news financial planning financ


Brazil World Cup has kicked off, finance and investment banking of people enjoying the opportunity to watch the game fun, while also exploring whether among? We can learn from the impact of the World Cup in which the opportunity to find finance it?


investment and finance special correspondent Wang Yongsheng


fans around the world every four years is considered a “Carnival” has fiery opening of the World Cup. For fans, the June 12-July 13 World Cup in Brazil must have filled the days of unlimited joy, eating and drinking watching the World Cup, which are unavoidable.


weekdays keen to finance up to the people to enjoy the football feast at the same time, do not forget to learn finance and investment under the influence of the World Cup, the joy of the World Cup, but also be able to tap into the World Cup financial opportunities. Of course, we want to remind about, as a rational investment and financial management are concerned, do not defy the law, not be able to save money gambling, gambling may go bankrupt.


stock Duanchao World stocks


along with the World Cup kicked off, the market speculation on stocks ahead of the World Cup heating up, catering, advertising, media, entertainment and other sections are rising. Industry insiders estimate that during each World Cup despite poor overall performance of A shares, but these industries or during the event will be the focus of market speculation.


Zhejiang Securities investment adviser Chen opinion, industry attributes, the World stocks basically food and beverage, household appliances, food tourism and other large consumer stocks, the performance of such stocks on festivals, events consume more sensitive. Meanwhile, in macroeconomic volatility, economic restructuring and upgrading in the background, in line with policy guidance, the results “ceiling” of smaller stocks more stress fundamentals continue to improve, the current share price volatility of the stock market is also easier to maintain stability , while the World Cup was held by its short-term speculation provided an opportunity.


Currently, A-share market listed companies involved in sports industry is mainly divided into three categories: First, the direct production of sports goods; Second, the contractors of various sporting events, business building stadiums; Third, to provide sports and entertainment, such as lottery tickets on sale events such as the network broadcast. In addition, the World Cup will attract a lot of fans to stay at home watching, consumer demand for beer, soft drinks, snack foods will increase.


Risk Warning


stocks risk, investors need to be cautious. “World Cup curse” could appear again, is still unclear, buy stocks requires specific analysis of their own situation stocks.


financial products slice of World Cup


early as 2006 World Cup in Germany, ​​ ​​ World Cup was first introduced the concept of linkage equity-linked structured foreign exchange financing products. In addition, , and other banks have been linked launched the “World Cup” theme of financial products.


Since then, every major event held in the concept of financial products related topics have been endless. During the World Cup this year, Ping An Group will launch “World Cup fans Banking Day” campaign, a joint subsidiary of insurance, banking, investment and other three series, to create a custom for the Chinese fans, “welfare” activities, let the fans watching at the same time, fun in simple financial life.

 What are financial products

World Cup chance? Money may enjoy watching during the World Cup, focusing on the launch of the World Cup banks financial products.


Risk Warning


According to various products for high-definition identification, and must not blindly buy like football because of financial products, but also need to focus on the actual revenue and financial rules of conceptual products.


World Cup commemorative coin market need to carefully selected


Brazil before the World Cup began, the associated product trading gold and silver coins has been booming up, Hong Kong and the Guangdong market, there have been a World Cup in Brazil in April issue of precious metal coins. In order to meet the arrival of the first 20 World Cup, World Cup, Brazil’s central bank issued a set of commemorative coins, a total of nine, including one gold, two silver, copper-nickel coins 6, both the Brazilian legal tender. According to a senior taster collections share forecast, gold and silver commemorative coins 2014 World Cup in Brazil, opening price will inevitably go.

 Chinese “native”

with the “World Cup” theme associated with 1982, 1994 World Cup commemorative coins, secondary trading sharply increased.


reporter has learned that in 1982 China World Cup commemorative coins issued, the history of China in order to “World Cup” the first issue of a commemorative coin, a quarter ounce of product circulation only 1500, when the market price, but 1000 yuan from top to bottom, and now the price has nearly 40,000 yuan, to appreciate by nearly 40 times, far more than the international price of gold rose over the same period.


Risk Warning


appreciation, such as circulation, market conditions, Condition, subject matter, and many more comparative, multi-selection, do not be limited to a fixed mindset.

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