Pu Alcor cultural heritage and innovation mahogany furniture Wireless Valve Controller

Pu An Guoqing book of style rosewood armchair ride traditional moldings instances of brain
(Chinese Culture Research Institute mahogany furniture Dean)

text / Pu Yasukuni edit / Caijing Qi

character card >>>

Pu Yasukuni, born in 1942, Jiangsu Wuxi. China’s famous Ming and Qing furniture and arts and crafts experts and scholars, known as “China’s Soviet-style mahogany furniture, furniture research and study the first person,” the early years in the industry, “South Pu (Yasukuni) North King (World Xiang),” said. The current president of Chinese Culture Research Institute mahogany furniture, senior adviser to the Chinese traditional furniture Furniture Association Professional Committee.

nearly three centuries, mahogany furniture, Chinese furniture dominate history. Whether at home or in the international arena, it is almost all Chinese high-end furniture category irreplaceable representatives, also in continuous development and innovation in the furniture most of the times.

With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up, people’s way of life sustained significant change, advocating a culture increasingly concentrated mahogany furniture, Chinese rosewood furniture needs to create a new era of cultural heritage continues to strengthen.

material culture of the United States hard and is a carrier of mahogany furniture

of ancient furniture, developed to mid-Ming Dynasty, after a few thousand years lacquered furniture, has produced a high quality hardwood as the main material of small wooden furniture. A wide range of furniture, timber, beech, oak, rosewood, wood, ironwood, ebony, rosewood and rosewood and so on. Chinese ancient history from the development process of lacquered furniture hardwood furniture is our nation’s understanding of the furniture timber, development and creative process, which fully shows that in the history of ancient Chinese furniture, furniture, timber furniture has become a special cultural phenomenon. Expression of furniture by furniture timber culture has become an excellent cultural tradition. Therefore, there are many people on the Suzhou area with beech, old rosewood crafted Ming furniture is often considered more “Ming” furniture; while in other regions, including the use of rosewood, rosewood furniture production is considered most is “clear style” furniture. Obviously, this statement is not entirely correct, furniture, timber and furniture styles are not necessarily linked, but this is a long time people of different historical periods and different regions furniture timber a general awareness of cultural phenomena.

was Suzhou as the center of the southern region, economic development, human and cultural, literary furniture made of various new ideas, especially on the basis of the southern beech furniture on the hardwood with the expansion of resources and increase of the furniture timber more attention to fine texture, natural texture. Hang out in the humanities shock “belongings Chi” a book that was the material of choice for making furniture has pear, iron pear, red sandalwood, incense Nan, flowers Nan Nan watercress, red Mizuki, fern wood, ebony, and a dozen . And the “pear, iron pear, sweet Nan and other” crown of that “Wen wood”, the stacked stone face mountains of Yunnan marble FY fly reel called “aragonite”, starting from the aesthetics of the literati, to vigorously advocate .

wood furniture of this change, fundamentally changed the Chinese for thousands of years to paint decorated furniture in people’s lives, traditional practices and ideologies, to people’s lives brought new complex and spiritual enjoyment. “Material beauty firm, workers and Yeon Park, Seoul is believing false, Centennial Plaza I,” which is the Nanjing Museum Ming Dynasty rosewood book case (ironwood panel) inscriptions. Feelings and emotion expressed by the owner then, clearly reflects the new material when advocating cultural implication of furniture, profoundly reflects a timber of furniture a cultural pursuit and fun.

Then the sky

mahogany furniture, wood furniture is our inherited cultural tradition and continuity, due to various quality materials repeatedly not poor, so mahogany furniture gradually become a convention furniture broader cultural phenomenon. Until after the mid-Qing Dynasty, mahogany furniture is quite popular high-end furniture, has become a symbol of wealth and status in many families embody the.

However, mahogany from the outset does not refer to a particular species, except in the southern area of ​​the most common beech, for high quality hardwoods from overseas are collectively referred to as “mahogany”, if the old mahogany, rosewood, Hong mahogany, old rosewood, rosewood, ironwood, etc. 2000, the relevant government departments to formulate a “mahogany” national standards, the mahogany wood identified as “33 trees”, “classified as red sandalwood, rosewood, incense sticks of wood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and wenge Class 8, belonging Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, Diospyros, Cliff genus and chestnut trees are. “Experts now mahogany organization representatives, customs, inspection and quarantine areas to discuss” mahogany “GB amendments, and there is news that this revision will expand the scope of redwood trees. Thankfully, these new species of mahogany mahogany furniture market in full swing today, provides a broad prospect for a new era of brilliant mahogany furniture, provided the material is guaranteed.

However, we also find that changes in mahogany species of mahogany furniture to bring many new problems with historical material properties and cultural attributes, resulting in many different understanding. As in recent years, the industry went to the market is not adequately reflect the unique beauty of each material, the material, but blindly emphasized the so-called timber species origin, stressed that the new material and old material parity, for different materials, color, texture, and so on mahogany furniture and artistic cultural show does not agree, and some even think, “grimace” the more expensive, or some furniture to get the bells and whistles to the point, someone went so far that this is the traditional culture of Chinese classical furniture timber. The culture of the Ming and Qing furniture merely surface-level understanding of the material has a very serious impediment to the development of traditional Chinese furniture in the new era. This sort of “only material for the United States,” the phenomenon is completely distorted the furniture timber special cultural connotation. Therefore, we must re height of the times, the ancients attention seriously to try to figure out the nature of furniture material significance and cultural value, better to attach importance to traditional furniture “material beauty and strong,” the human spirit, continue to build brand position modern mahogany furniture .

craftsmanship is the essence of culture mahogany furniture

traditional mahogany furniture is the most amazing craftsmanship, a piece of furniture, regardless of their breed, how many parts of the class size, style, or the materials used are handmade and need to go through the process. Sawing, planing, scraping, carving, cutting, filing, pocket material, scary, slotted cable management, assembly, sanding, wipe paint a series of manual processes in order to achieve the specific functional and aesthetic features practical furniture. Therefore, the production process is the use of the superb craftsmanship that different materials and components produced different effects and decorative molding; was excellent manual skills, make perfect furniture shape, style, showing the substance as a cultural product and artistry. Today, it remains the reason why the Chinese furniture with such high level of enthusiasm, which is very important reason is that this is a precious Chinese furniture craftsmen to create culture. For example, melon Lenz in legs “outside arc” divert “the arc” of the manufacture, desk drawer “left pushed right out,” tight seam assembly process, are the traditional craft of woodworking unique skills. There are drawers and cupboard doors so-called “pass wind”, etc., are the handicraft production of “beauty tips.” The traditional five foot stool plum, five foot end can be done in a circular motion transposition of the unity of India, no less, craftsmen who put this process is also referred to as “adjusted five,” one must also woodworking.

Ming furniture making skills, in 2005 was included in the State Department announced the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, which is fully explained in this traditional craftsmanship heritage must be better in today’s production of mahogany furniture and carry forward. The so-called “art” or “traditional art”, within the meaning of it is these can achieve a variety of manual expression or artistic cultural products. Most of these techniques have produced a wealth of empirical, in the hands of artists and craftsmen, often emotional, straightforward technique and ability is their decades of hands-harvest, some or even dozens of generations crystallization generation and accumulation of practice wisdom. Such arrangements mahogany furniture paint process, the process of stress, in the southern region has never stopped, and in modern production and some have been lost face. Ancient furniture or antiques industry calls “patina”, in fact sanding, painting, wipe light craft are closely related. Mahogany furniture so often wipe paint luminous light, moist smooth, there is an intriguing texture, feel exceptionally comfortable supple. In fact, the traditional so-called “clear parallel” is definitely not the kind of “polish wax” products on the market now, but to finish well, the same color, do not need to make arrangements directly lacquer colored mahogany furniture.

in traditional arts and crafts, and many of them are full of informative and thoughtful things, rising by experience come theory. In the traditional mahogany furniture, we can see that reflected the product of culture, art skills, in addition to specific “technique”, but also contains a number of specific cultural content, reflecting the traditional furniture that people realize all the thinking and intelligent creatures. Zoe creatures produce specific “technique” is concerned, the old manual process can be, it can be today the development of modern science and technology. But both are not the same performance characteristics, artistic features and gives the product not the same cultural connotations. Therefore, the inclusion of “intangible cultural heritage” of Ming furniture making skills needed in many handicraft heritage is characterized as a manifestation of cultural heritage, the mahogany furniture in today’s development of production should be better and more fully reflected . Many manual machining characteristics of culture is still not a substitute, for example, all kinds of changes, “stub” tenon “engagement save bucket” made member “full work” and “shovel depression” and so far in mahogany furniture often lack the performance, even the “drum leg swelling teeth” to make law, it has lost a lot of excellent traditional charm. Therefore, the inclusion of “intangible cultural heritage” of Ming furniture production techniques, it is to craft for the performance characteristics of the cultural heritage from generation to generation, it should be better reflected in today’s production of mahogany furniture, and more fully development of.

short, mahogany furniture making skills culmination of the ancient craft of carpentry, is a traditional Chinese craftsmanship in an excellent example, is a rare cultural essence, to promote our national culture, rich people today substances cultural quality of life, have a special significance and role.

mortise and tenon structure is a cultural miracle traditional furniture

dating back seven thousand years ago, our early Neolithic cultural sites have a civil Hemudu mortise and tenon structure, through the ages towards development, from the “joinery” process in the Song Dynasty architecture, to the Ming and Qing hardwood furniture Precision sound organizational structure, can be said to be unique in the world to complete a great invention and creation. This bump scattered “yin and yang of art”, not only to form the shape of Chinese furniture has brought infinite mystery, with its refined and perfect appearance, smart and reasonable way to becoming a science richest colors, complete system of cultural miracle .

structure and organization

traditional furniture mortise and tenon, and was first used by our chief engineer Mr Yeung outstanding architect cartographic carefully. There Ming mortise, tenon nausea, Georgia corner joints, tenon mahogany prop angle, the length of the tongue, hold the shoulder joints, dovetail, wearing a belt tongue, tongue hanging hook, hanging mortise, tenon wedge nails, chuck tenon so dozens. As to chuck tenon example, usually documented legs out of the upper notch material embedded tooth head and teeth, and then the tip of the tongue portion into the mortise hole into the side frame. The advantage of this configuration is that the use of teeth to increase the length of the side in contact with the desktop site, efforts to enhance the rigidity of the object node, and use of the tooth form of the teeth of the head to increase the area of ​​contact with the ends of the legs, so that more teeth between the legs with the case of a solid structure fastness. This is a feature mortise and tenon, and it is science, it is art, in this case T-shaped leg mortise and tenon construction, but also because of different methods and organizational methods combined timber-and there are different kinds of parts and difference. If peace raglan shoulder tenon joints, which are embodied in the creation of cultural identity has fully reflect the cultural characteristics of the woodwork. Chinese traditional furniture with mortise and tenon scientific and reasonable structure, is still deeply shocked the world with the industry.

I collected a carpenter using a “big feet”, the “ruler Miao” and “foot stand” vertical structure of the way, very rare, inventor of the use of hard wood will be flat rigid elastic material “foot seedling” split end, made two tenon, inserted in the “Block Size” Mao Tower side of the saw kerf slot, do not move do not shake, solid if one. This may be called “film clip joints” of mortise and tenon, so we once again saw the craft of woodworking mortise and tenon again for the amazing creativity of the ancient mortise and tenon process has not been documented to add a new style.

Many mortise and tenon structure

, since thousands of years the Chinese furniture manufacturing full play to the characteristics of the body of the timber since, creating an independent body shape design furniture, it does not need to use any other materials and methods for connection and reinforcement . Thus, in modern mahogany furniture production, should make full use of traditional mortise and tenon construction, modern design to better achieve unity mahogany furniture form and function, the results reflect the manufacturing combination of science and art, to eliminate all dummy and pretend, as well as by the This structural damage arising.

known, mahogany furniture using mortise and tenon machining has become a trend, but many of the machining process is not reasonable, as with modern furniture “pipe joints,” and the use of modern alternative to traditional adhesive glue the mortise and tenon practices are incompatible with mahogany furniture serious risks.

design innovation is the cultural values ​​of contemporary mahogany furniture

Undoubtedly, modern production of mahogany furniture, wood species and quality hardwood furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties used, processing technology have a lot of differences. The reality of the social environment and the huge difference in more ancient times, many new concepts and requirements, all we need to strive to create a new spirit of the times mahogany furniture. Produced by modern mahogany furniture, to reflect a new era of consciousness, showing new era property, continue to establish a high-end furniture brand image of the product.

Today, we can easily recognize that the so-called brand, often represents a unique spiritual quality of the product, which embodies the era’s aesthetic taste and human environment. Brand as a culture, is the product of personality show, need to reflect the values ​​of specific consumer groups, social status and style and temperament. Therefore, the brand as a culture, should be the first time.

However, many businesses still think, as long as the use of rosewood, yellow rosewood furniture to imitation Ming court, is the fine traditional culture of China’s furniture inheritance; Ming-style furniture nondescript transformation, is the furniture culture of innovation. In recent years, production from south to north so-called “palace chair”, the proportion of loss of degrees, outrageous styling, clumsy process, we can only believe that this is today’s furniture market and extreme social dislocation caused by the consumption of cultural and ideological seriously lagging behind. Obviously, this is not representative of contemporary furniture mahogany furniture culture, the lack of cultural zeitgeist.

should look at how to mahogany furniture market today, features traditional furniture understanding of the times, we believe that only unswervingly take the road of innovation, create play really representative of China’s new generation of high-end furniture, to create a second eleventh century classic mahogany furniture brand products to. Therefore, we must first establish the scientific concept of development and innovation, to grasp a little more than the inheritance and innovation on the basis of theoretical knowledge to the development of cultural heritage dialectics, follow the objective law of ethnic and cultural progress. All aspects of materials and function, species and categories, shape and style, structure and other processes, we should keep in-depth study, carefully designed to create, discover new content, new forms, in order to achieve the new changes. In short, innovation requires the guidance of correct theory requires persistent practice of production units, remove all the wrong orientation, really go out of a “Guweijinyong” road.

thirty years ago, I worked in a designer responsible for the design and mahogany furniture factory “a kind of” work. That more than eight years experience still fresh, even a “Ming pinch moldings” application and design, will be twists and turns, spend a lot of time and energy, and ultimately to achieve some new effects in the furniture modeling. As we all know, “stub” can be said to be the lifeblood of Ming furniture, Chinese furniture is the physical manifestation of the beauty of the important, but only in innovative practice, we can truly appreciate its rich artistic life and culture.

mahogany furniture “line” with Chinese painting lines, as are the essence of Chinese folk art, filled with distinctive characteristics and unique form of the vagaries of aesthetic taste. This beauty is timeless, contemporary Chinese rosewood furniture innovation must absorb nutrients, is an important symbol of Chinese furniture and cultural value. Let today become permanent mahogany furniture brand, we need to all aspects of the production process from mahogany furniture, functionality and modern human environment, to efforts to strengthen innovation.

Source: “classical furniture”

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Buy sapphire first understand these five questions Cell Phone Blocker

1 Sapphire Ring Sapphire Ring Sapphire Ring 3 2

Lead: sapphire, the kind of distant and quiet blue color will bring you a lot of very beautiful reverie: Through it, you can see the cloudless blue sky, the lake is like a mirror, as if there had another world. In recent collection of colored gemstones grew hot, a lot of people want to buy or wear collection for sapphire, sapphire then buy when we pay attention to what?

a sapphire how many colors?


Sapphire Blue attributive, but not only the blue color. In fact, that is in addition to ruby ​​sapphire, the other colors of corundum collectively. So in addition to blue, and pink, pink, yellow, green and white sapphire. These colors were blue the most popular. However, pink, orange sapphire is very rare and highly valued.

two, where the production of better quality sapphire?

There are mainly grown

Kashmir sapphire, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, and China’s Shandong Changle. Among them, Sri Lanka and Kashmir sapphire general was microstrip indigo purple, bright colors pure, high transparency, good quality, worthy of collection. Australia, Shandong Changle sapphire is more common in the market, but they are poor transparency, impurities, by optimizing the way businesses will make them lighter color to enhance value. So we see Changle sapphire, are generally optimized treated.

Third, if the business cheating, then how to identify it?

indeed this is the case, there is more common Imitation crystal, topaz, zircon, fluorite glass. But imitation is not imitation sapphire hardness and density. In addition to the diamond, sapphire is the hardest minerals, hardness of the diamond 10, the hardness of sapphire is 9, the hardness of the crystal 7. Therefore, sapphire glass can be used to plan, you can not imitate, can be regarded as one of the identification methods. Secondly, the certificate of authenticity is also the official agency of sapphire quality assurance.

four, it is optimized for the sapphire? Sapphire is not optimized value is not high?

This method is very common, it can be said, 90 percent of the market are optimized sapphire, natural minimal. Is changed by heating the color of gemstones, also known as heat treatment. Since optimization is a very common practice, it does not change the structure of the texture of sapphire, so in accordance with international practice, optimized sapphire in the sales description can not do, can not do on the certificate of authenticity label. If one says “processing”, then it is more than the heating method, there are so filled with dye, sapphire these glorified treated, to be marked on the certificate of authenticity “Sapphire (deal),” the words.

five, when the selection of sapphire what standard?

course, based on the selection of sapphire 4C standards. 4C namely: color, clarity, cut and weight. First, look at the color and fire. Colors more vivid, more pure uniform, the higher the saturation, the more collectible gem. Second, look at clarity, it is to see there are no impurities, blemishes and cracks. Then we see the cut. If faceted sapphire, depending on whether the symmetrical facets, as well as the proportion of the overall cut gemstones. Finally, in the former case several conditions are similar, sapphire bigger the better.

Source: Vogue Fashion Network

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One side dish DAVID body first elaborate dish square Proximity Limit Switch

DAVID side dish “body first one” national treasure side dish “body first one” side dish rubbings

6 28, bronze treasures side dish and cover the body of Changsha in Hunan Province, “the body’s first-in-one.” This piece in the overseas diaspora cultural treasures of the past century, and finally back to his hometown. Side dish is called “dish Vincent Fang,” is the late Shang Dynasty bronze wine vessel Sheng, Shang and Zhou Fang is also the largest extant one. 3,000 years ago, this square, forceful style, great body, and its superb extraordinary casting technology, look flying momentum and stunning exquisite ornamentation, is difficult to compare similar objects, called “in the the king. ” This is in 1922 unearthed in Hunan Taoyuan County, due to various reasons, the body’s first separation. Square cover in 1956 has been kept by the Hunan Provincial Museum, while the body of diaspora overseas, after a number of important collectors of antique dealers and the famous hand and hit Chinese bronzes in the global auction market recorded the highest turnover in 2001. March 19, 2014, the New York auction house Christie’s auction the day before the dish party said in a statement, Chinese collectors at Christie’s population has formally proposed joint negotiation dish square, through the active communication with the current owners, buyers and sellers reached a purchase agreement. Acquirer commitment squares regression after dish, will be donated to the permanent collection of Hunan Provincial Museum, the future will no longer appear on any trading market.


in Taoyuan County, Hunan Province, paint home river erosion due to heavy rainfall in the mountain  Mizobe freed after a farmer hoards 

since 1956

dish Vincent parties kept by the Hunan Provincial Museum  cover the body of this time has been living overseas 

November 2013

news that the body of  side dish will be March 20, 2014 in New York, Christie’s auction auction 

March 2014

Hunan delegation to New York to Christie formally proposed joint program  negotiation between buyers and sellers through communication  price reached $ 20 million purchase agreement 

June 21, 2014

body of square dish arrived in Changsha Huanghua International Airport 

28 June 2014

side dish and cover the body of the completion of fit 

life experience: A Century of discrete, once they meet

1922 summer, after the paint home village in Hunan Taoyuan County, a storm, the villagers found a strange Qi a large copper pot in the mountain Mizobe, hidden at home. Hubei antique dealer Danmou hearing the news, knew it was a treasure, immediately bid 400 Ocean purchase. At this point is to catch Qi eldest son of a home, that someone is willing to pay top dollar, he took the side cover to a nearby elementary school to find a school Zhongxiao Zhang asked. Zhongxiao Zhang square cover not the general antiquities, immediately decided the 800 ocean and left side cover, so that the body of the owner of the home to fetch. Qi shouted excitedly in a way so that the eldest son of his father not to sell Danmou treasures. Only to be Danmou heard, he Xianshibumiao, picked up the body of party ran. When TSI to be chased out, Danmou been spared without a trace. Since then, the national treasure dish convenient rough fate began nearly a century cover body separation.


Danmou fled to 1,000,000 oceans sold at high prices to the body of the Shanghai antique dealers and Ma Changsheng Li Wenqing. Two Youyi 800,000 dollars sold and smuggled abroad Barr British collector. Barr had asked antique dealers to purchase 140,000 oceans cover, but this cover has been stationed in Taoyuan Hunan Pan Head misappropriated week, ask for 500,000 dollars, the two sides unsuccessful negotiations, has been unable to retrieve their side. Duan government informed then unearthed, had “ordered recovered.” Zhou Pan delaying tactics, the central government and the provincial government recovered were not successful until after Week Pan defeated and captured in the war of liberation, was sacrificed side cover. In 1952, the provincial government will be sent to Wenxian square tube will cover 1956 to date, the lid has been kept by the Hunan Provincial Museum. The side dish is living abroad, has fast after Lu Qin, Yao Chang Fu, Paul Bauer, and many other large antique dealers and collectors of hand, after the Japanese collector purchased a new Tin Building and handed over in 2001 Christie’s auction, when the Shanghai Museum and the Poly Art Museum Beijing has been fundraising for the United States to participate in a joint bid, but ultimately lost to foreign buyers, a French buyer at a price of $ 9,246,000 for its looks, the highest auction record Chinese bronzes price, this record has not yet been broken. 2014 Christie’s New York auction house has announced that it will auction side dish, before the auction, Hunan collectors groups Christie formally proposed to the joint negotiation program, through communication, buyers and sellers at a price of $ 20 million to reach a purchase agreement. Acquirer commitment, square body will be donated to the Hunan Provincial Museum, never appeared at auction. June 28, the bronze weighing finally achieved a “first-in-one body, finished owned by Gordon.”

Shangjian: king, rarities


side dish, first because of its historical value, is a large wine and ritual Sheng, born in the late Shang Dynasty, popular in the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period. Popular short time in history, especially side is very scarce. Although side dish unearthed in Hunan, but it’s the shape, decoration, inscriptions entirely Zhongyuan Yin Ruins styles, from inscriptions read, cover engraved with “Father Vincent Chad dish Zun Yi” Twentysomething inscriptions, is as a “dish Father Chad Zun Yi “five words inscriptions. “Dish” is the Main family’s name, “Vincent” is the name of the Lord is, Shang and Zhou dynasties dish is a very influential Han, currently bronze dish’s family found only two other pieces unearthed in Shaanxi, side dish owner, is likely to be charged with some kind of mission to Central Hunan nobility. This is the study of Shang and Zhou Dynasties, political, military and economic culture of the Central Plains and HuXiang areas with high historical value. Achievements in the arts, pan side is unparalleled. The device-high 84.8 cm, height 63.6 cm device, cover was Dianding veranda shaped body as rectangular mouth, straight neck, high handle. Whole is set upright carving, relief, carved in a line, with motifs for the whole body, the upper decorated Animal Mask, Kui dragons, phoenix Bird. Shoulder on both sides of decorative ears title ring, set beneath the belly of a beast positive first. Four corners of each side of the center are decorated protruding hook halberd-shaped Fei long edges, smooth lines and complicated process. As early luxury complex shape, side dish not only reflects the superb design modeling artifacts on, but also represents the world’s most advanced scientific and technological achievements – bronze casting technology, is the largest extant Shang and Zhou Fang, one of the most beautiful pieces, is indeed a “king.”

thinking: DAVID home after


treasures home, in the excitement, we should clearly recognize that the return side of the dish does not have universal significance. The negotiation, Chinese collectors negotiation although only about half of the market price valuation, but still paid $ 20 million for a high price, but in modern times, the loss of overseas Chinese ancient bronzes up to tens of thousands, we can not eleven buy. At the same time, the country was still a large number of ancient tombs excavation criminals each year, including bronzes, including the continued loss of precious cultural relics, ancient ruins, and many lack the protection of ancient buildings, and even become a pile of rubble in the roar of excavators . As heritage sector and civil collectors, looking at overseas David should also put more eyes on the side of relics, strengthen the protection of research, excavation damage and prevent illegal trade, do not let the pan side Dianpei bumpy story repeats itself.

Wen / Zhang Yi

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How to successfully open a children’s theme restaurant Inductive limit switch

now catering industry is full of opportunities to choose a suitable project, easy to get rich no problem. Kids Cafe is a child as the main target, from the restaurant renovation, operation mode, dishes design, marketing activities are the major market-themed children’s themed restaurant.

clients: children’s first object restaurant service for children aged 3-12 years to locate a second service object for families of children behind. Unlike other children’s restaurant restaurants mode, his target since they do not directly serve the consumer the ability to rely on the consumer decision-second service object is household consumers (children associated guardian) completed the course in children’s restaurant operations, necessary to consider the first service to meet the immediate needs of the object, but also to meet the needs of indirect second serve.

business model: Children theme restaurant operation mode can be divided into two modes of meals and snacks, and according to the local level of consumption, be subject to determine meal. Meals and fast food, to determine the children’s restaurant staffing, service forms, Houchu operating processes. Due to the special nature of children’s restaurant scalability and service objects, children’s restaurant can be mixed and multiple industries operate, rational integration of resources and customers.

dishes design: Children themed restaurant dishes broadly divided into two categories, the big man and child classes. Food products can include Chinese, Western-style fast food, three forms of Western meals. According to the operators of the dishes need to locate, a reasonable division. Focus on child nutrition, while taking into account the value of feeling and a sense of fullness when eating adults, to avoid because of the positioning of dishes that affects the positioning of the entire children’s restaurant. Children restaurants often provide for children and children’s children’s menu package services, highlighting the restaurant’s children of color.

Markets Activities: Children’s themed restaurant marketing activities into two types, one is the conventional marketing activities carried out dishes for the restaurant, there is a featured marketing campaigns aimed at children’s theme. And with the relevant coupons, membership cards, customer loyalty consumption.

children’s restaurant market activities can be divided into seasons of age related customers design and implementation, market activity early in the planning, taking into account the scope of activities, the object, the effect is not lasting , goals, achievement rates and many other factors, market activity, and also taking into account the various departments with that market activity can quickly and efficiently conduct.

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Sunyu Chuan long-term vision to look at entrepreneurship in order to achieve the ultimate success 4G Jammers

After graduating from the University

, Sunyu Chuan entered a state-owned work, work, although stable, but 孙毓川 heart is restless with, think this is not the life you want.

“now in Jinan, eat skewers summer has almost become an urban culture, inevitably potentially a huge market,” Sunyu Chuan resignation, decided to go home sheep. And the home of the sheep farmers conversation, learning experience, gradually, almost all of the people and every time he came over.

According Sunyu Chuan introduced himself, he invested a total preliminary cost of 600,000, and a year and a half after this effort, he has recovered the initial investment success. Today, there Sunyu Chuan their new way of thinking and planning, he decided to build an industrial chain, opened Yangzhai “lamb face.”

entrepreneurs can not just focus on one point

child, elders would tell us that we should focus on doing things that the mind to work hard, do not play fast and loose thinking about this today, tomorrow, think That one. But personally but in instances 孙毓川 told us, hey, entrepreneurship definitely have to learn to focus around!

Issue so-called “four eye” is actually a divergent thinking, smart entrepreneurs should be good from some think another point, so that it is conducive to the development of entrepreneurial projects. Sunyu Chuan earliest entrepreneurial idea is from the summer, filled with stalls, business is booming in the stalls was his source of inspiration.

In fact, many people have seen this phenomenon, and also lamented that “this business is really profitable,” but this step can be done Sunyu Chuan who did not. Or someone can think of can profit from, but most people only stay in the “Either we put a stalls it!” This level of ideas, and will go to achieve even less.

In addition, Sunyu Chuan can also expect to rely on herbal medicine to prevention, formation of industrial clusters, shot brand, you can see that he has been in a long-term divergence and to look upon their own careers, And this happens to be a successful entrepreneur are essential qualities.

Although “a house does not sweep sweep the world,” any great are the foundation from the beginning of the small, entrepreneurial experts have warned ambitious entrepreneurs who can not, do not learn to walk first thought how to run. But there is a saying called “do not want the general’s soldiers is not a good soldier,” only ever seen in front of a small area, it is doomed when the frogs.

really good entrepreneur, you should both be able to bow Jing Xiaxin work, but also to have courage to go head. Not only focus on one point, use of divergent thinking, long-term vision to see their business, made possible by the ultimate success.

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Where the customer fashion popular referendum People 无锡seo

This is our own brand, which is our own fashion! Personalized edge of the Han and sun youthful Wang Luo Dan, where customers now have become a family. Eslite also take gathered a large number of young followers, its brand image full of vitality. Followed by, “Where the object” copy, along with two of the 80 large flat-screen idol interpretation of fashion, popular referendum.

civilian fashion for this success, vice president of Eslite Yang Fang said: “We are where customers most want to try to do this is to allow all passengers to communicate with consumers directly, where customers such People’s concept of fashion, and the true self-expression respected, I think is a core of the most successful.

“Where the object” quickly became popular network, where customers with a large level of brand endorsement sad related, just before the wind swept networks where customers hire Han and Wang Luo Dan served as brand endorsements, effectively boosting its interaction with major consumer groups and the majority of Internet users between, but Yang Fang revealed in the beginning of this year, in order spokesperson Han Han, Wang Luo Dan, where customers have a lot of internal debate and discussion, after a week of silence, I suddenly felt elect Han is right.

wangluodan and Han are in line with where the customer to define the brand, the young , healthy, self-thoughts, but as a representative of the 80′s, they aggressive in practice where customers this year, the most important thing is to respect the values ​​of the people in this fashion.

People where the customer is the most important fashion ideas, the most important core brand is the most important value, and this is where the customer teams in all efforts to do so in the end what is the people’s fashion, fashion why the people come?

aged Eslite CEO be defined as, allowing everyone has affordable fashion, which is very important nowadays China, which is where the customer values. “We want to build everyone there is a real self-expression, self-expression decent channels, we define it as the people’s fashion “Yang Fang said.

In addition, because where the customer is from the Internet, so all passengers must be done also the user experience first, whether it is on the people who see the summary of the network’s top ten innovative customer, where the customer spent a lot of effort to build so that customers can get the last of the box, including where the customer financial transparency , as well as 59 yuan canvas shoes, there are a lot of posts on the network to summarize where customers micro innovation.

But all the most basic user experience is where the customer comes first, where customers want to work do is to let each user satisfaction, so he can launch COD 1100 cities.

“The first one is the people of fashion, and the second is the user experience first, and I hope Where the customer can and all the Chinese enterprises, together with the efforts of these two points, and these two points will become a foundation of the brand’s long-term value, “Yang Fang In summing up the success of all passengers said.

Where the customer is only in this group, the majority of participants in which to find their own fun, willing to become communicators and where the object creator. they are not spread all passengers, but a recreation of the mind, philosophy and attitude of a life, which is perhaps where the real reason behind the extraordinary passenger.

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Big Secret orders led to eight kinds of skills together to learn Electric Actuator

many open shop friends are upset with their order rate. The following is a summary of the electricity supplier Xiao Bian, Taobao customer orders contributed eight kinds of skills, let us work together to learn about it!

First, assume that a potential customer has agreed to buy: When potential customers recurring buy signal, but indecision indecisive, we can use techniques “Alternative One” is.

For example, salespeople can align customer said: “? Would you want that portion of a light gray or silver car it” or said: “Will is sent to your home Tuesday or Wednesday ? “, such” Alternative One “questioning techniques, as long as the prospective customer selected a fact that you help him make a decision, determined to buy it.

Second, to help prospective customers to choose: Many potential customers even those who want to buy, do not like to quickly sign the order, he was always the East West pick pick, the product color, size, style, delivery date kept spinning. At this time, the smart salesman should change strategy, leave aside the order of the problem, instead enthusiastically help each other pick the color, size, style, delivery date, etc. Once these issues resolved, your order will implement it.

three: the use of “fear not buy” mentality, people often for more, not buy something, the more want it, buy it. Salesman can take advantage of this “fear not buy” mentality, to bring about order. For example, salespeople can align customer said:. “This product only last a short term no longer purchase, you do not buy, there is no” or said: “Today is the price of the deadline, please seize opportunity , tomorrow you can not buy this discounted price “

four, the first to buy it a try: prospective customers want to buy your products, they have no confidence in the product, you can recommend each other First buy a little try. As long as you have confidence in the product, although a limited number of orders beginning, however, after each trial satisfied, can give you big orders. This “try it out” technique can also help prospective customers determined to buy.

V. murderer: Some potential customers naturally indecisive, although he was interested in your product, but procrastination, delay making a decision. At this point, you may wish to pick up things on purpose to make you want to leave the way. Pretend to leave this move will lead to the other side sometimes determined.

six, asked type of answer: the so-called rhetorical style of answer is that when a potential customer is asked to a product, unfortunately just do not have the time, you have to use to ask to facilitate orders. For example, a potential customer asks: “Do you have a silvery white refrigerator it?” At this time, the salesman can not answer is no, but should ask:! “Sorry we do not produce, but we have white, brown, pink, ? on this in several colors, which one do you prefer to “

seven, cut the Gordian knot: after trying several techniques described above, can not touch each other, you have resorted to the killer steel, cut the Gordian knot, directly require the prospective customer to sign one. For example, remove the pen in his hand, and then directly to the local said to him: “! If you want to make money, then it quickly signed it”

eight, apprenticed, humble attitude: you labored, pull out all the stops are ineffective, seeing the deal when you do not, try this method. For example:. “× manager, although I know that our product is right for you, too bad I can not convince you, I throw in the towel, however, before the leave, please point out my shortcomings, so I have an improved chance, okay? “

like this humble words, not only very easy to meet each other’s vanity, and will eliminate the antagonism between them. He’ll show you one side, while encouraging you to give you encouragement, and sometimes give you an unexpected order.

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Entrepreneurs bitters should try to be successful targeted Jammers Reviews

have goals in life, we must strive for, no matter how difficult the road, how bitter. “Entrepreneurs bitters should taste, but if you can grasp the opportunity to strive for, will succeed.” New speed Xie Yu, general manager of Guangzhou Education Ltd Hill said.

“I into college, started a part-time career.” in 2004, graduated from Zhongshan University management professional Xie Yu Shan was born in a poor family, relying on loans to college, but also do a lot of Part-time, such as selling newspapers, tutoring, and other single faction. These efforts make him a lot of friends, there are sales, insurance and business, but also as civil servants.

once, Xie Ru Shan send leaflets at the tutoring center, tutoring company to introduce an enrollment of girls, the boss gave him $ 80. He was very unexpected: the usual one day send leaflets less than 20 million, only 15-20 per tutor with a student there 80 yuan commission …… so he decided to specialize in selling educational products.

He went 10 educational institutions candidates promoters. Whether the sun and rain, rain, wind, still persist, sometimes stall was also chased them away. Partners not get on, the last remaining of his person.

After the first two weeks produced a promotional effect, many of them ran for registration. Soon, Xie Yu Shan at the university formed his own team, and the way to tell them. Through joint efforts, the results continue to rise. Has annual revenues of 10 million, we have to solve the tuition problem. However, consideration is to earn $ 100,000 — Xie Ru Shan lost 10 pounds.

“Li Ka-shing, said although there are success luck which mainly rely industrious, hardworking can improve their ability, there are many opportunities to come in front of you.”

Xie Ru Alexander four graduated, has accumulated three to four million. After hitting a one million yuan a year’s accumulation, and now the company service outlets throughout Guangdong Province, Hong Kong businesses have done.

student clubs, digging into the pot of gold

People: Culture Communication Co., Ltd., general manager of Guangzhou bloom Huang Xi

comments: Targeted to succeed.

“Harvard has a follow-up survey, the object is about a group of young intellectual, academic and environmental and so on, the result is 90% of people ‘no goal’, 6% of people have goals, but the target blur, only 4% of people have a very clear vision 20 years later, researchers found that a return visit, 4% of people with clear goals, life, work and career are far more than an additional 96% of the people More incredible is that four percent of people with wealth, more than the sum of the people owned 96% of the wealth. “

yellow bloom Greek Culture Communication Co., Ltd., general manager of Guangzhou, said the researchers made a further follow-up survey found that 96 percent of these people, their lives, directly or indirectly, is always busy, active or passive, to reach their goal in life is 4% of the people, for the people of the visible target life plays a very important role in guiding.

“child parents always told me, to learn, to come to a good job but I grew up there own idea: Why will come to a good job, but not for others to provide a good job? “Huang Xi very early entrepreneurial ideas. She spent three years after completing the big Self undergraduate, you hesitate to start a business course.

She had his sophomore income. In a great many students, learning the language for the mutual exchange of learning is very good. Huang Xi discovered this on and Hungary, the United States and foreign college students founded the Union Club, regularly carry out activities, then pay more than 3,000 members. She has the first pen of the original venture capital.

“step ahead than others strengths and cultivate a step ahead than others ideas.” Huang Xi such interpretation entrepreneurial experience, like driving, is also a BMW, the highway can be opened to 180 kilometers, 70 kilometers only six general road. “In the school has had a lot of opportunities to practice, we advance into the highway than others, have the opportunity faster than others 10 or 20 times.”

Like after three years of hard work, yellow bloom Greek Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou is now one of the top ten outstanding Guangzhou outer mold (international model) companies.

current employment pressure, Huang thought that just a good entrepreneurial opportunity, students start to support national policies, as well as three years of tax policy. “America’s entrepreneurs Association predicts that in the next few years, through free enterprise to become the number one million U.S. dollars millionaire, far more than the sum of the past will come in 2008.”

Senior open company,

calendar turns almost bankrupt

People: Fire Eagle, general manager of Guangzhou Information Technology Co., Mok Yong

comments: insisted that I succeed.

“Many students start to fail, are a problem because of cost control. entrepreneurial process, will experience a surge of emotions, trough cause, and finally slowly stabilized.” Mok Yong said. He graduated from Zhongshan University in 2005 computer professionals, entrepreneurs from junior start. He was identified goals: earn 400 yuan a month, the results of the first month to earn 8,000 yuan, is to help companies to do the work site.

Later the unit to find him there website. After he got the project, go to the library to borrow a dozen books, cramming two weeks, made a website, accumulated pot of gold.

senior, Mok Yong registered companies. “My friends and teachers regard the money put into it, 50,000, 100,000 has.” At the start because of cost control is not good, can not afford to pay the rent after six months, and almost bankrupt. By the end of 2005, he was basically penniless, only computers, websites and business cards, the company is gone, the staff is not, in the street outside the four months. But he did not tell anyone borrow a penny, sustainable livelihood projects, regardless of size are next.

“Even in the lowest valley, I also believe that, as long as the stick, the latter will be bright.” re-start in 2006, he told the staff that no matter how much money the project to the customer, be sure to let customer satisfaction, by this concept one step bigger project.

rapid development of the company in 2007. Year Mok Yong told the father said, by the end of this year, home for the holiday, you can not drive on the walk back (probably more than 500 km). Results in July, he achieved the goal — to buy a car.

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Cooperation to seize wealth gap in the market clever tips Valve Limit Switch

For today’s consumers, eating healthy green food, spend more expense. Green shell eggs, ostrich …… expensive Cordyceps chicken around 130 yuan a must. Eggs 25 yuan a pound, whole chickens to 40 yuan per kilogram, bamboo shoots 40 yuan per catty …… dare sell such high value agricultural products are rare, can sell these products put together businesses even less common. If you have the opportunity to produce Wong opened this store, the chances are a lot of insight president.

shop sketch Wong’s store opened in the upscale district next to a major sell green shell eggs and other agricultural products, there are thirty species variety. Prices of these agricultural products more expensive than the average 30% to 50%, as the most expensive Cordyceps chicken, one would about 130 yuan. Mr Wong told reporters that this is because they belong to the “refined products”, such as ostrich, wild Royal Chicken, etc. are stocked in the mountains, the breeding cycle longer, nutritional value and taste better.

wealth Tip: Qiao cooperation to seize market gaps

Mr. Wong is one of the few senior nutritionist Fuzhou, Fujian entrepreneurs also YBC of a youth club. In exchange, the club where he found a lot of people engaged in specialty agriculture farming, high nutritional value of these products, but because of the high cost and lack of investor funds and the relevant channels, product sales has been relatively flat.

After many understand, Mr. Wong was found, there is no specific sales Fuzhou and senior agricultural businesses, supermarkets and grocery stores only some sporadic sales and real to the enemy. Mr. Yu Shihuang they and their co-founded the specialty store sales of agricultural products. In order to dispel the doubts of customers, he also took a lot of photos and videos on a computer in the store for customers to watch.

teach cooking Magical own knowledge

Wong use of their expertise, when members purchase products in the store, he will be targeted to provide cooking Methods and eating with and so on.

In addition, he also bought a lot of books on nutrition for members to borrow and hold regular care salon, inviting members to participate in various activities organized by the provincial nutritionist club. Through these services, stores and now owns nearly two hundred members, monthly earnings also have four or five thousand.

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Creative Watermelon individual sales prices can reach 50 yuan -100 yuan Wireless Valve Positioner

want to entrepreneurial success, must have a certain strength, the strength here also includes creativity. “Watermelon” things just fade away, “watermelon man” immediately appeared. Recently, a network Xiangyang watermelon brother lit, and the fire is not just the watermelon brother, is Yangyang, Yangyang creative watermelon.

“watermelon man” tells us: the original watermelon also can be sold, is not so much selling watermelons, as aptly said, watermelon brother sells creativity.

“Xiangyang watermelon man” Zhang Yunxiao, he is from the city Kongwan Zhen Xu Yi Village, he took 4-5 cents a pound watermelon carefully carved out a variety of flowers, “Peony” “Bloody Rose”, “dragon and phoenix” and other works, “A Dream,” “Pleasant” and other cartoon characters can be engraved completed and watermelon carving after a single sales price can reach 50 yuan -100 yuan.

This year, a lot of watermelon market, the price is the lowest of the calendar year, the price to sell it, to 张云晓 to think Tim dot pattern on a watermelon, is not only attractive, but also sell prices go up.

So many positive Watermelon braved the scorching sun heat for 3-4 cents a pound watermelon and run around busy Zhangyun Xiao puts watermelon carved into a beautiful work of art, watermelon is also worth turning a few times.

“Xiangyang watermelon man” Zhangyun Xiao told us: original ideas everywhere.

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