The emails often discussed mundane or non-urgent matters

The emails often discussed mundane or non-urgent matters
Government employees are encouraged to use official email accounts although some top officials have used personal accounts in the past.
In March, Mrs Clinton said she and her lawyers made the decision over what would be considered work-related email when the state department asked for records from former secretaries of state.
The emails deemed work-related were about half of the 60,000 emails she sent in total during her time in office. The emails she deemed personal were deleted, Mrs Clinton said.
Since then, the state department has been releasing the emails to the public in batches about once a month.

About 85 federal, state and local police

About 85 federal, state and local police, 11 canine units and three aircraft searched five hours without finding any sign of the suspects before Kristin Kiefer told investigators she had lied to them because she wanted attention, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Kiefer, 30, of Vernon Hills, Illinois, was charged with two counts of falsifying a police report, the sheriff’s office said.

Gliniewicz was killed about 5 miles north of where Kiefer said she saw the suspects.

I don’t recall ever having to get in

When I was in school, I don’t recall ever having to get in touch with a family member that I could not reach by going to the office to make the phone call. I don’t recall anyone else ever being subjected to any kind of hazard for not having a cell phone. The more important thing is that the person needing to be reached in an emergency can be reached via his or her cell phone, not the kids needing access to a cell phone to call them. Cell phones are completely and utterly unnecessary during school hours. This dependency should not be fed with more leniency during school. There is only one reason I could see a need for a cell phone during class hours and that is in the event the school is attacked. For those cases, ensure every teacher has a cell phone available and even allow students access to it WHEN NECESSARY. Outside of that, there is no reason and we older folks made it through school without them and so, too, can today’s student.

Students in Spokane, Wash. couldn’t could call or text during class for 3 whole days, KHQ-TV reports. A school there recently tested a cell phone jammer to get kids focused on academics, but admitted the move may not be legal. They’re checking with the FCC. “We just thought it was something we wanted to evaluate,” said Principal John Hook.
If permitted, the school will jam cell phone frequencies during class time but not between classes or during lunch. “We believe that there are times during the school day that parents need to have access to students and students need to have access to family members, and doctors and things like that,” said Hook.

The insider message is those bank investors are usury fortune

The insider message is those bank investors are usury fortune ….. understand what this is actually something deeper ZF will be a disguised form of legalization of usury not say they want
And do not think that the the casino these things only in Las Vegas  cell phone jammers,   Macau have many domestic cities have underground casinos have a variety of gambling way the machine everything but that circle of people simply did not go in the opportunity to only one conclusion is always only dealer wins do not know is the old 1000 or the simple probability theory to win your money to take advantage of you want Fanben the psychological loan you usury Haha drug dry gun casino everything once I go there just cold on test point name put some in full regalia following a foil with a lighter roast smell the smoke …..
Course was specially mixed that place can make a living example, to open three Zhuang blocking the kind of size general one day, there will always be the in a Zhuang comparing mycophenolate attractive gamble on you every day up to prepare the 2000 first charge 500 earned close hand lose earned the charge again 1000 they received compensation of charge 2000 earned received compensation has been received so that every day you can earn 500 up to lose 2000 but not every day, so lose it …. 860 hey, my financial insider said it is very troublesome. Here is not detailed, but cautioned that
Financial absolutely do not play, for example, playing the stock market to play Fund.
The stock information all lead you hooked fund all Rat, foreign exchange futures, I do not touch.
The non-financial sector, absolutely do not play, play will definitely go bankrupt. 969 F, I worked part-time at McDonald’s.
McDonald’s Coke is Coke Zero, and then add some ice.
In accordance with the regulations, the McNuggets chicken, chicken legs, chicken wings fried in advance over 30 minutes not sell we should throw away. But they never still continue to sell.
Oil would not trade for a few days. The time it was to change oil fast, then the new braced to go directly to
With Hamburg, sometimes people directly Take grasping with condiments like.
Do not think that the Western fast food is very clean. I have waited until the store fairly good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 994 social is the case, we could do nothing but accept.
All fake so-called health care products, profits Needless to say!
Oil we eat, drink mineral water, clothes (especially brand), such as the seven wolves, the jacket of the season did not buy out the night of their own processing, the sleeves cut off, to tell you is the new after this season, next year’s room The warehouse Chenhuo buy.
There are more than toilet paper, dirty you can not think, what soulmate, what Vader, the cost of hair 2 hair bacteria than toilet used toilet paper.
Such as computers, I can only say under roughly the price, buy it for your 3999 cost of no more than 999
For another example, advertising materials, aluminum a good promotional licensing (45CM)

The supreme internationalization degree of mobile phone industry exhibition

As Vietnam only, the supreme internationalization degree of mobile phone industry exhibition, it represents the Vietnam mobile phone industry the mainstream of development direction, set up the industry chain exchange and trading giant platform. And the same period the exhibition of all kinds of peak BBS will gather in large number of Vietnam and international industry in the senior person (industry association leadership and the industry leading enterprise controller), and Vietnam industry professionals to discuss the present situation of the development of mobile phone industry, the prospect of development in the future, possible problems and solutions, etc. 3 g/super 3 g mobile communication: public network digital trunking communication system, wireless mobile network games, wireless mobile TV, commercial industry chain and supply environment, 3 g business bearing; HSDPA video phone 3 g / 2 g roaming and switching, HSDPA high speed data card business; WCDMA new two-mode soft base station; CDMA2000 EVDO Rev. A technology and products; WiMAX, MIMOin WiMAX; PHS voice network to mobile broadband data network evolution, Wireless broadband routing technology and products; Wireless data integration/collaborative technology, wireless PUSH technology, SYNCML proxy server technology; Mobile positioning, cell phone to be automatic configuration technology and application, cell phone jammers network hard disk; 2 g / 3 g value-added service/application test tools and solutions, etc.;
Mobile phone brand manufacturers (GSM mobile phones, CDMA mobile phones, PHS mobile phone, 3 g mobile phone); MA2000, WCDMA, HSPA intelligent double to terminals, mobile phone design company, mobile phone ODM, OEM and EMS manufacturers, mobile phone foundry business, little smart, PDA, digital cameras, PDA, mobile TV and mobile terminal manufacturers, tablet PC, electric paper books, such as MID handheld mobile terminal products;
parts and products: cell phone module manufacturers, mobile phone hardware platform providers, mobile phone chip manufacturers, the key parts and components manufacturers, new material and new equipment manufacturers, circuit boards, photographing, display, bluetooth, mobile TV, light materials hot hardware module suppliers, electronic components distributor.
Semiconductor devices and IC circuit: chip, chip design, image sensor, conductive silicone rubber, mediation apparatus, semiconductor devices, integrated circuit telecommunications and data communication network application technology, etc.;
Display unit: mobile phone screen, LED backlight, backlight module, reflectors, PMMA, PC, LCM, liquid crystal display and module, metal shielding, filter, lens mold, mobile phone lens and all kinds of decorative plank;
Power and battery: power supply products, high-frequency products, battery, battery battery core, switching power supply class, mobile phone charger, etc.;
Circuit board attachment: soft circuit board, flexible circuit board, printed circuit boards, PCB, FPC, base, connector, wire, conductive silver pulp, insulation materials, optical materials, panel, computer and related products OEM, SMT, etc.
Electronic components: capacitor, resistor, coil, filter, optical devices, sensors, optical components, speaker, diodes, transistors, crystal oscillator, resonators, antenna, microphone, magnetic materials, mobile phone microphone, earphone, receiver;
Connector and parts: receiver, horn, socket, joint, holder, terminal, vibration motor, motor, data line, mobile phone lens and camera module, winding, digital encoder, electronic switch, etc.;
Metal products and stamping parts, precision molds, metal products, precision metal stamping parts, electroplating, precision injection molding, assembly and packing, back light, light guide, metal parts, shaft, shielding device, etc.;
Packing accessories: tape, packing, acrylic board, communications products, coating products, coating, plates, labels, nameplate, trademark, panel, backlight protection screen, mobile phone appearance items, mobile phone holster, condole belt adornment line and antistatic packaging products, etc.;
Xiangsu products and parts: mobile phone mould, cell phone, cell phone buttons, conductive film, plastic products, plastic mold, rubber products, membrane switch, die cutting products, transfer and ink coating, mobile phone glass Windows, plastic DianDuJian and die design, etc.;
Related equipment: network and system equipment suppliers, base station and day feed equipment suppliers, laser processing equipment and other communications equipment providers, marking machine, die-cutting machine, test equipment, thin film materials, plastic and chemical materials and other related equipment machinery, etc.

Design and production network of mobile phone signal jammers

Design and production network of  cell phone jammers : Unknown Publisher: di background color: amn Source: medium and small] published an article some time ago, a friend sent a cell phone signal jammers, the fault does not work on CDMA phones this band, I looked at the manual, the machine should be able to interfere with the four-band: CDMA :869-894MHz mobile telephone :935-960MHz mobile phone :1805-1880MHz PHS :1900-1990MHz CDMA phones do not work should be problems. I have not set foot in the field of communication, things do not understand in this regard, in order to repair the machine to the forum to ask netizens to a friend, two days exchange with netizens. Works, the circuit structure of the cell phone jammers are figured out. Electronics enthusiasts, understand works after simply can be arbitrary, then design and DIY try, very easy to use, special write this article the design process to tell friends who are interested.

This machine every band is an independent system, the structure is shown below. Font Size: [Working principle with the sawtooth voltage-controlled oscillator, so as to generate the sweep signal of the working frequency band, each sweep cycle, is equal in each of the working band of a frequency point to add a wide pulse (sawtooth positive due process) and a narrow pulse (sawtooth wave due to the inverse process), the destruction of the coverage area of ​​the mobile phone and base station data exchange, phone no base station data only shows no signal, of course, can not communicate. CDMA frequency band measured sawtooth frequency is about 30KHz, the other three bands with the sawtooth frequency are 10KHz. According to analysis, the sawtooth here not used to measure, but lets a voltage controlled oscillator operating can be, not what accuracy, relatively simple circuit to generate available shown below. Simple circuit, components, and easy to get to, the accuracy is not high, but fully able to meet the requirements. Here, the accuracy is lower backhaul long sawtooth perhaps better? Higher operating frequency of the VCO and RF amplifier, a lot in common, and I painted together, as shown in the following figure.

Do not ask the circuit parameters, microwave electrical schematic, there are a lot of parameters only when debugging can be determined, I have no way marked on the diagram. DC circuit parameters can be marked, but I am afraid that this production occurs interested enthusiasts who do not care for me to label. Plate chart below. Here is a good experiment board. Here is loaded tuned complete assembly, cut the the period 50-3 coaxial cable to do a 1/4 wavelength antenna, the inner and outer conductors are welded together. In fact, any kind of metal strips can be used as an antenna, but the thing with a coaxial cable Province nothing. Here is an enlarged view, but not see, after I come to it. Four bands use experiments phone communication can be installed on a piece of circuit board, two high-band second harmonic. Of course, it is also possible to be close to each other the two bands combined a circuit board, but the output is much smaller. Covering four bands can also be achieved with a circuit board, but the output is smaller, because the RF energy will be more dispersed.

the first to use the cell phone signal jammers at some gas stations

Phone signal almost everywhere, all the electrical equipment in their heavy siege. Surrounded by not using the phone this signal interference with other electrical equipment is minimal, this is because, when the phone is not in use, there is no exchange of data between the phone and the base station, it is impossible to form a mutation signal electrical equipment around a relatively stable electromagnetic field, which is a static electromagnetic fields, static interference of electromagnetic fields on electrical equipment is close to zero. The exchange of data of the mobile phone and the base station, using the phone when there is also produced a random mutations signals, the electrical equipment is formed around a dynamic electromagnetic field, this dynamic electromagnetic field signal will be induced mutations interfering signals, easy causing dysfunction of electrical equipment. Phone battery starts ringing sounds, can produce enough energy to cause slight spark spark may cause fire.
Petroleum, chemical, security departments, expressly provides that the gas station phone use is prohibited, the introduction has a long period of time, currently running less than ideal. Gas station equipment are controlled by computer, cell phone signal jammers make the normal working of the machinery and equipment, will result in inaccurate measurement, but more importantly, the phone will appear in the call process sparks, can easily lead to a fire caused by refueling station explosion. Gas stations belonging to the fire powerhouse not only in the station prohibited the use of cell phones, but also within twenty-three meters of gas stations around best not to use the phone. In the same time, the gas station should set a clear sign of the phone call, and widely publicize safety knowledge, so that people understand that a cell phone inside the gas station Tiger counterparts.
Fires caused by the use of mobile phones in the country has been more than. Drivers to use the phone when refueling, causing an explosion, causing many casualties of catastrophic accidents. Also how the gas station in Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places to fight the fire danger caused by the phone. The dangers posed by the gas station to use the phone, and has given rise to a wide range of great importance. Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places under the jurisdiction of the department has recommended the gas station to use a cell phone signal jammers. In Petrochemical Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, has been the first to use the cell phone signal jammers at some gas stations. Electrical signals emitted by the cell phone signal jammers also a kind of electromagnetic signal which electromagnetic signal is never any device to its data exchange and will never be able to form a mutation signal other words, this signal is always in a relatively static state, other electrical equipment does not interfere, not harmful to humans. It is widely used in place of the conference rooms, auditoriums, court, library, examination room, gas stations, fuel depots, army command center all ban the use of mobile phones.

Light of what form the scene of a mobile phone jammers

What types of beam phone jammers?
In addition, ultra-pulsed laser treatment bags under the eyes of higher energy, snoring, and laser teeth whitening efficacy, safe and accurate, simple and effective treatment in the medical field has created a miracle. Medical and cosmetic laser beauty has taken a big step forward and give medical cosmetic updates. Laser cooling (cooling) laser and the slow movement of atoms and atomic interactions in order to get high-tech ultra-low temperature atomic. Teachers now can open the pages of screen business phone jammers at any stop.
The main purpose of the early technology is important to accurately measure the various atomic parameters of high-resolution ultra-high-precision laser spectroscopy and quantum frequency standards (atomic clocks), but later became a key atomic Bose – Einstein condensate of experimental methods. Although the early twentieth century, it has been noted that the effect of light, atomic radiation pressure, but in the laser of the present invention, the use in the developing soft reduction velocity to change the atomic technology. The first generation of mobile phone jammers have become the mainstream of the day-to-day applications. Results found that, when the atomic transition frequency of the atoms is slightly lower than the energy gap and the movement of a pair of opposed laser beam propagation, due to the Doppler effect, atomic absorption, atomic motion trend in the opposite direction of the photon, and the same as the direction of the road, and not too may absorb photon absorption; photon is isotropic spontaneous radiation. What is the security class cell phone jammers ?
It seems equally net effect of the laser beam is generated contrary to the direction of movement of an atom of the damping force, so that the slow movement of the atoms (i.e., cool). 1985 U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology Research Institute (William · D ·) and Stanford University, Zhu Mongolian (Steven) first atomic laser cooling experiments, and has a very low temperature (24μ potassium) of sodium atomic gases. They form a three-dimensional magneto-optical laser beam further cooling of atoms confined in a small area of ??space, lower temperature optical adhesive. “The emergence of many new methods, laser cooling, in which the famous” speed selective coherent population imprisoned “and” the Raman cooling “, the former école Normale Supérieure in Paris, France Cohen – Da Nuoji (Claude cohen-tannodji) suggests that the latter model by Zhu Wen, they take advantage of this technology to obtain photon recoil limit temperature is very low. Since then, it has also developed a combination of a magnetic field and a series of laser cooling techniques, including polarization gradient cooling, cooling, etc.
The model of Zhu Wen, Cohen – Da Nuoji, so the three won the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics. What is a control circuit of a normal cell phone jammers? Laser cooling in many applications, such as: atom optics, atom, atomic clocks, optical lattices, optical tweezers, Bose – Einstein condensation, atom laser, high-resolution spectra and light-matter interactions, the basis of research. Laser spectroscopy (laser spectroscopy) laser as the light source spectrum technology. With the ordinary light, laser light source having good color, high brightness, and direction consistency and other properties, is used to study the interactions between light and matter, and identified in the material and structure of the system, composition, ideal for a light source state of change. Light of what form the scene of a mobile phone jammers?