The Best Bronze Equestrian Statue left to us by the Romans

Stendhal (in Rome daily) in this admirable equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in Rome “is the best bronze equestrian statue that has been left to us from the Romans … In his speech, admirable naturalness and beauty of design the statue of Marcus Aurelius is the opposite of our sculptors give us in Paris. for example, Henry IV on the Pont Neuf seems that his only concern is not falling off the horse. Marcus Aurelius is quiet and simple. He considers in any way the obligation of being a charlatan, speaks to his soldiers. One sees his character and almost hear what he says. “

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Bronze Samus Statue

Never underestimate a fan of video games with some sort of artistic ability. This statue comes from Deviant Art page red3138. Check out the gallery to see his other work, which includes an equally impressive action figure of Samus Aran.

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Adorn Your Garden with Outdoor Bronze Sculptures and Bronze Fountains

Add a touch of classic sophistication to your outdoor landscape with bronze sculptures of wildlife, decorative bronze statues and bronze fountains.
Carved Stone Creations now offers you the option of incorporating bronze sculptures outdoors, including bronze fountains and bronze statues in your landscape. Bronze sculptures are a beautiful way to supplement their source or sources of granite stone garden statues.

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Beaux Arts Highlight: Bronze Owl Statue by Eliezer Weishoff

This owl bronze , sculpted in 1998 by the famous Israeli artist Eliezer Weishoff , is one of a kind . The owl is the 18th piece created from a total of 99 in a limited edition collections of the artist. The collection is composed of several animal figures, all cast in bronze with a patina of color. The number of the collection and the artist’s name is inscribed on each of the limited edition pieces . In the owl , you can find the name of Weishoff and ” 18/99 ” at the bottom right of the owl wing.Eliezer Weishoff , born in 1938 in Israel , is one of the most famous and talented artists in the country . His work , ranging from sculpture to oil painting and generally portray landscapes and other environmental issues , has granted Weishoff worldwide fame. His sculptures have been presented to Pope John Paul II and President Bill Clinton and celebrities are housed in buildings throughout Israel. One of his murals adorn Ben Gurion Airport, while he has built monuments scattered around the country, in Jerusalem , Rishon LeZion and Tel Aviv , according to the official website of the artist, .

The Beaux Arts Galleria is happy to accommodate a unique piece created by an accomplished artist.

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Portuguese Joe Sculpture Coming to Stanley Park

There will be suddenly a new sculpture in Stanley Park as the Park Board has accepted a statue donated by the Portuguese Joe Commemorative Society . The piece, featuring pioneer Joe Silvey ( ” Portuguese Joe” ) , held the ancestral connection Coast Salish and Portuguese communities in Vancouver. From the proposal to the Vancouver Park Board :

“The work of art will be proposed a bronze sculpture of 14 feet with life-size representations of Portuguese Joe Silvey and their wives Coast Salish , and Kwatleematt Khaltinaht . Artist Luke Marston Coast Salish is a recognized artist and grandson of Silvey and Kwatleematt . the site was chosen because it is the historic site of the Portuguese language and the home of Joe Khaltinaht ” .

Joe was born in Pico , Azores in 1828 and probably arrived in Vancouver between 1858 and 1860 , with four or five Portuguese men in search of gold. The men came to the Fraser River Cariboo on their way to Victoria and were received – on the shores of what would become South Vancouver today – by the Grand Chief Kiapilano ( the future of Joe ” grandfather in-law” ) and Musqueam people .

Shortly after she married Joe Khaltinaht , Kiapilano granddaughter . Many years later , Joe described his first wife as a ” pretty girl with dark eyes and hair to the waist . Deep big eyes and soft ” After their honeymoon in Point Roberts, where Joe could have lived before, built a home in coal Harbour near Brockton Point in Stanley Park.1

The artist who created the sculpture , Luke Marston said the Vancouver Sun : “It’s a great story When the first settlers arrived here it was a bad thing ( for those of First Nations ) , but not with him He married granddaughter . . chief (Chief Kiapilano ) and was accepted by the people. ”

Joe and Khaltinaht first daughter , Elizabeth , was born between 1864 and 1867 at his home in Stanley Park, around the area where nine pistol is today. Elizabeth became the first child born of European parents in Vancouver. In 1867 , Joe became the first Portuguese person in Canada to receive British citizenship .

A lot of courage to open a salon in the city of Gassy Jack is needed, but Joe did in 1870. Bought Lot No. 7 in the Granville Townsite and operated the ” hole in the wall ” near “Globe Saloon” Gassy Jack

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Self-Healing Sculpture

This bronze statue known as “The Dancing Girl of Mohenjo – Daro ” is about 4500 years old. Bronze has been used in sculpture for it is the balance of workability and durability. Workability being relative. Today we take a full- size human figure in bronze, in a matter of months. It is known that the bronze statues of antiquity (on a BIG scale ) had up to 25 years to complete. That’s like a class of 124 credits or something. HOWEVER , students of the TU Delft in the program design / engineering may have struck bronze with cement ! Yes , the concrete , the material breaks the straps of her car while bouncing through potholes ( ahem. … sorry Mr. Steve ) somewhere like Detroit. How is that possible? Self-healing concrete , duh ! Sculpture Self- Healing : that’s what I ‘m talking about.
It sounds like all of us will be survived by bacteria ! All of us except for one man : Sen. Robert C. Byrd of the best state ever, West Virginia! Senator Byrd , who received the hat Abraham Lincoln … by ABE LINCOLN , is 146 years old this month and still kickin ‘ A!
Change? ! Not this year the President .

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Arnold Schwarzenegger unveils bronze statue of himself in Austria

Hundreds of fans were seen in the museum of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday located in the yellow stucco two-story house in Thai village where Schwarzenegger was born.The newest statue is one of several bronze statues Schwarzenegger commissioned earlier this year showing the flex agent logs, as a young body builder.

Inside the museum is also the first bar Schwarzenegger, several life-size models “Terminator ” metal bed slept like a baby and the dark wooden desk he sat behind while serving as governor of California.

” My personal success has less to do with millions of dollars or with the headlines in the media that are not always positive and also not with being a pat on the shoulder by other names Barack Obama and the world ,” Schwarzenegger said. ” Personal success is the result of determination , hard work and stubbornness . To me, this is not just a museum , but also a symbol of will … everyone has a chance. “

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White Bronze for the hereafter

This catalog of the Monumental Bronze Co. is one of many examples of trade literature that the Cooper -Hewitt National Design Library has in its collection ; are among the most valuable resources for research to document the tastes and trends of culture, and products that are marketed and sold in a given period of time. These are Victorian era sculpture ornaments for zinc and cemetery tombstones and ” sights ” . ” White Bronze ” was a sexy, stylish brand name zinc. It actually has a bluish gray color and is easy to find from a great distance between the traditional and widely used traditional marble, limestone and granite monuments cemeteries.The catalog provided the consumer with the opportunity to create products with elements monuments and shapes that best represented both their aesthetic tastes and personal attributes . You can select what you want on a monument design and customize how much you give or build a one-room house . Monumental Bronze offered many iconographic emblems and statues that could be combined , mix and match and a large selection of added bases “blank” ; pedestals, obelisks , columns, to create a memorial. He gave the seller of printed examples with price lists to offer customers . In the case of this company based in Bridgeport , CT , pouring samples of over 2,000 designs of monuments and ornaments showrooms across the country would have been tremendously practical , hence the more interesting catalog.What of this catalog is that it was a tool designed for the purpose of selling the company to a monumental bronze sales force : attract and recruit vendors and auxiliary branches in cities across the country . If a graveyard has more than a dozen white bronze monuments , we can safely conclude that there was a successful agent who lives nearby, in the nineteenth century. The catalog lists the many advantages of the representation of Monumental Bronze . It ‘s main selling points are listed below are popular, best, cheaper, more durable world-class artists are employed – all adding new designs to increase sales of our products. On the business side , ” no capital investment for the maintenance of a stock of goods on hand is needed; Any ordinary man can touch both understand and successfully manage the business of an agency, and that” will be given a business for life , if our reasonable terms are met ” and possibly more reassuring and convincing – . ” business is inexhaustible , and always live and when people die and rise with population growth and wealth. ” P.127

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SCU installs new seven-foot, bronze statue of St. Ignatius

This morning , the University of Santa Clara installed a bronze statue of two meters in San Ignacio de Loyola Kenna Lawn , symbolizing the Jesuit tradition of the University.

It took four workers and a crane to lift and set the 600-pound statue , which was donated by the students of SCU William E. Terry and his wife Janice , in memory of Mary Patricia Terry . William received his engineering degree in 1955. Janice received her master’s degree from the University in 1979.

The artist, Lisa Reinertson of Davis , California, said that from the moment it started , it took about a year to create the statue. The process requires several tons of clay . After the original clay was complete , the figure was cast in bronze at Artworks Foundry , located in Berkeley , California.

In his hand , the statue holds a book with a quote from St. Ignatius . ” The most universal of good, more is divine ” According Reinerston , ” The appointment represents his belief (San Ignacio ) that education should be accessible to all the world and expresses the commitment of Santa Clara opened to justice. ”

The statue also contains several images in low relief depicting the story of St. Ignatius and the Jesuit philosophy of ” service of faith through the promotion of social justice. ” Ignacio , a Basque courtier who experienced a religious conversion when he was 30 years, established by the Jesuits in 1540. Developed Spiritual Exercises , a method to detect and respond to the presence of God in all things.

The location of the statue is part of a plan of the University to create a place that complement the contemplative nature of this piece.

SCU President Paul Locatelli , SJ , said , ” This statue of Ignacio honor the founder of the Jesuits we thought we meet God in this time and place , so that the world can become fully alive in God. He also saw the education as a way of setting up a better, more just and humane for the greater glory of God. Ignatian vision this has and will continue to inspire the community of Santa Clara for generations to come . ‘re very grateful to you for this beautiful Terrys gift. “

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About that bronze Babe Ruth statue in Oriole Park

Dream Babe is a bronze sculpture of a young Babe Ruth by artist Susan Luery sitting at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The 1996 bronze sculpture shows the 16-foot southpaw Babe Ruth with his glove in his right hand.

Contrary to some critics, his was not a mistake by the sculptor.

The artist modeled Glove 18-year-old Babe Ruth would have used a real rookie – a soft, glove outfielder that could be used in the left hand or right hand guy.

The statue holding a bat in his left hand and his glove in his right hand is raised.

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