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And deep in the desert — planting man (three)

series reports "and" desert Haloxylon ammodendron —

(three) growth of

port: continue a series of reports of Populus euphratica guide "spirit of Haloxylon ammodendron character — era model and". In the Ejinaqi area of 110000 square kilometers of only 4% can see green, visible, plants survive here how difficult. Haloxylon ammodendron, known as desert iron species, however, even the steel species in the desert, to take root is difficult.


[scene and you see, this pile of sand at least 1 meters about 5, so a few of Haloxylon ammodendron, put this pile of sand fixing the windbreak and sand fixation, Haloxylon ammodendron has significant effect on the sand. ]


this call Haloxylon ammodendron sand sand, encounter will be locked, Haloxylon ammodendron, fixed. Haloxylon ammodendron strong drought resistance capacity, known as the desert iron species.

10 years, only sue and know, even iron species, a strain of Haloxylon ammodendron to live how difficult. Initially, and three species of Haloxylon, three died.

of the same period and from Jilantai (town) pull. Back then, pull the distance is far, no special vehicle, we three Ling car behind it, with 20000 strains of seedling. When the road is not good, to this day is to run more than 800 kilometers, a lot of is to let the wind blow dry, when I planted this is not qualified, not up to standard.

paid the tuition, and know, to keep the >

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Wuhan surrounding trees _ Yunwu Mountain Forest _ Yunwu Mountain flowers Electric Actuator

March 10th, compiled from the Wuhan Yunwu Mountain scenic spot, with tree planting day draws near, to scenic replanting of the increasing number of tourists, many parents take their children to experience the fun of planting.
since March, Wuhan City, the rainy weather more, cold weather in many public over the weekend of out of step.
but with March 12th plant Festival approaching, scenic area special select vegetation density is insufficient to planting hillside, for tourists choose to grow easy survival, faster growing trees, flowers and other plants. Scenic spots also arranged garden technicians guidance, related knowledge of planting trees and flowers, maintenance to tourists. The activities by many enterprises and institutions are welcome, visitors by planting trees, flowers to experience the joy of labor, feel to beautify the environment significance, inspire a love of life, love nature of emotion.
according to the staff area, to participate in the tree planting, planting flowers the activities visitors to drive the majority, many parents with children to participate, to let the children know Protect environment, friendly nature and significance.

Yunwu Mountain the first arbor day of pure natural oxygen bar of pure natural space welcome youDear

, you can now have a green romantic spring oh. Mulan Yunwu Mountain Parks in spring arrives, prepared a large number of high-quality species, welcome all enterprises and institutions, students in the class group, and visitors and friends went to Han Zu Shan – participated in the tree planting activities.

activity time: February 28th to March 12th.

, the scenic area to provide seedlings and tools, arbor day after by the area responsible for the maintenance of.

two, travel

on the morning of 8 from Wuhan city of about 1.5 hours to reach the area began to plant trees, tree planting after eleven thirty in Yunwu Mountain Le Grand Large Hotel dining. At one thirty in the afternoon to visit scenic spots’ clay sculpture exhibition hall, eight clay figurine Wang ancient village, Willow Creek, Temple Temple in Wuhan City, about 4 in the afternoon to return.

address: 1, area of Wuhan City Huangpi District Li Ji Jie territory

2, Tel:

Yunwushan enjoy " Xiling resort, Chu Bei District, Po xichui avoidance, Han Shan " reputation of Yunwu Mountain, with range upon range of mountains, located in northwest of Li Jia Ji Zhen Paulownia shop of Wuhan City Huangpi District, Wuhan 65 kilometers away from downtown, 29 km away from Huangpi City, is a punishable mountain the main ecological natural scenic area, the main peak elevation of 709 meters, is one of the highest in Wuhan city.

Yunwu Mountain scenery and pleasant, fresh air, clean water, set the peak, valley, stream, lake, Yan, waterfall, spring, river, flower, grass, stone, wood, temples, ancient villages, ancient buildings and tall mountains in one year, from three to October, hundreds of thousands of egrets inhabiting the area. Genus of Mulan tourism circle of Zhongshan top, >

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Tree planting diary 无锡seo

planting diary is a tree planting day, song and I have known to plant trees in our community. We found a suitable location in the garden, with a shovel where soil loose, and then began to shovel to dig holes. Soon, we’ll…

planting diary

today is tree planting day, I went to Baiyun Mountain and yellow 韵营 trees.

us with excitement and anticipation sat in the Baiyun Mountain to the bus, the road was full of laughter. In fact, this is the first time we came out alone "Arbor Day", so, inevitably there will be a special feeling!

don’t know Is it right? Psychological effect, how do I feel this car was against us? My heart is eager to reach the destination, it will open more slowly, really depressed!

degree seconds if we are waiting for the N long, stood at the foot of Baiyun Mountain finally.


so, hand in hand we start up the mountain.

"call call???? tired!" When we carried on terribly saplings to planting point, almost exhausted.

"fast start!"


we put the saplings aside, then took out prepared tools, started!

the first step is to loosen the soil. I and Huang 韵营 a person holding a shovel, hard to dig up the earth.

used in TV watching people plant trees, not easily? Now how to do it yourself, so difficult? Woo ~

through our efforts, the flat land has been dug a pit "with an air of importance".

together we put the saplings in the pit of the central, began to fill.

"yellow 韵营, you lean against a tree, I to fill!" See the Yellow 韵营 sweaty, tired of going to collapse it, I will "have pity on" to the "arduous" task personally.

"you." Yellow 韵营 said lightly. But I’m still in her eyes to find one kind is called "gratitude". Thank you thank me! Say yes and mean no fly (Huang Yunying’s nickname) oh!

ah, I now regret "compassion". Just now I tried with all his force, fill out the pit, but my poor hand…… Do not waste?! Woo ~

yellow 韵营 looked me in the face, said: "I’m going to get water to water the trees, you take a rest."

my face immediately "from Warrington": "fly, you really good ah!"

"I am OK?!"

"Ha ha……"

"Ha ha……"

hearty laughter let my mood?? get out!

poured the water, we will finish the task!

see this tree, we will have a sense of achievement! I >

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The young couple married in a naked marriage for sheep buy a house how to finance deposit financial RF Detector

< p > for many young people who are about to be married, marriage housing must be big, but now in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities high prices, let a lot of young people afraid of marriage, afraid to become slaves. Recently, a 85 after the guy in Beijing to buy a marriage room, he will more than a decade to carefully collect 283 pairs of Jordan shoes all mortgage to pawn, for 1000000 yuan to pay marriage room. There are still a lot of like after the 85 guy, in order to get married, not only to make money, but also to his own love pawn to buy a house to get married, do not feel very sad.

[financial case]

< p > Shanghai guy Liuming, 32 year old, because there was no money to buy a marriage room, and his wife took the marriage certificate but has not sold a banquet, so two people plan at the end of the year of the goat to buy a house to buy a car to married. Both parents said to prepare them for 100 million yuan, Liuming and wife many years of savings has 60 million yuan, of which 5 million balance of treasure [microblogging], 50 million Dingcun expiring. This year to buy a set of two rooms one hall room, is expected to 180 million yuan; 30 million yuan car buying; in addition, wedding expenses is expected to be 50 million yuan. In the year of the sheep can smooth buy a car to get married, would like to ask Rhett Jiafeng financial planner to help him do a good job in financial planning, in the year of the sheep how to finance. Lu Ming is a software developer, the current monthly income of 12000 yuan after tax, the company benefits are good, the end of the year award is generally about 50000. Lu Ming’s girlfriend after tax monthly income of 6000 yuan, 20000 of the year-end awards. Two people living expenses generally about 8000 yuan per month, the couple has been very good feelings.

[case study]

< p > Liuming’s family and the couple income and expenditure situation from the point of view, Rhett Jiafeng financial planner that Liuming overall financial situation can also, couple years income 28.6 million yuan, remove the
4G Jammers year 9.6 million yuan of annual household expenditure, the annual surplus reached 19 million yuan. In the house of marriage, the couple has about 60 million of deposits, both parents also supports the 100 million yuan, but also for the young couple also reduce a lot of pressure. However, the sheep in order to buy a house, a car, but also busy marriage, three major events, is expected to prepare about 2600000 yuan, the funds are still not enough. Therefore, at the beginning of the year of the goat Liuming to do a good job in financial planning, first of all the couple to work hard to earn more money; secondly in household spending, pay attention to thrift, avoid wasting; the third appropriate some prudent investment let idle capital appreciation.

[financial suggestion]

< p > of Liuming’s financial situation, in order to help land Mingyang at the end of the year can smooth buy a car to buy a house and get married, Rhett Jiafeng financial planner gave Lu Mingjia following family financial advice: < p

1, reserved 3-6 months of standby gold

first Lu Ming to set aside about 3-6 months of the family life reserve, that is 50000 yuan (balance of treasure in the funds can). This part of the money can be used with the take, but also to enjoy higher than the interest rate of current deposits, 7 days of the rate of return of about 4%. On the other.

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A couple months 90 million yuan to finance balances three years to buy a house buy a house _ financi MZT Slimming

balance 11100 yuan monthly 90 young couple, no house no deposit loans, to rapid accumulation of capital after 3 years to buy a small Liangju


I named MA (23 years old), 90 after two home. I just graduated from work, after tax 7500 yuan / month, the wife of 7000 yuan / month, both of us are relatively stable, but his wife not imprisoned, working in an arbitrary. Both sides work in Beijing, in addition to social security and no other insurance. I just over three months, my wife just over two years, are starting stage of work. The family had just established, no deposit. Wife each month 1000 yuan of housing subsidies.

house monthly rent of 1500 yuan, a quarter of a pay, meals monthly fee of about 1800 yuan, transportation expenses 100 yuan / month, the family expenses and other expenses of 1000 yuan.

– Analysis of financial condition

< p > Mr. Ma family belongs to the very young couple, the couple have a stable job
Cell Jammer and income in the middle level, because the couple is still very young, family income should be in the future there will be a lot of room for growth.

according to the income and expenses provided by the situation can be calculated, the family’s monthly cash inflows 15500 yuan, cash outflow of 4400 yuan, the monthly balance of 11100 yuan, 133200 yuan annual balance.

because two people are very young, just a family, the family has no deposits, family economic basis can be said to be very weak. At this stage, the financial issues need to address as follows: 1, rapid accumulation of household deposits; 3, 2 years after the accumulation of wealth; 3, save money to buy a car.

we both are outside, in addition to social security no other insurance, this need to add?

financial goals

to establish a healthy account to lock the disease risk

< p > Mr. Ma young couple are currently working in Beijing, income is the medium level, but family there is no deposit and two people in addition to the basic social security had no insurance, two people once accident or occurrence of major disease will directly reduce wealth accumulation and even drag on the financial status of the parents. Although the couple are very young, good physical condition, but the accident and the occurrence of disease is unpredictable.

< p > with Second People’s income, the author recommended that the couple were for themselves to buy a 20 million insured savings type critical illness insurance (according to the current market products estimates, two total per month to pay the premiums of $1500). This quite to establish a health account, the uncertain risk of locking, once the risk occurs can not spend family upfront deposit or their parents’ savings; and there is no risk is equivalent to the mandatory savings. In retirement a removed as part of the pension.

how to accumulate deposits quickly?

financial goals

ratio of investment and stock based debt based deposit accumulation


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Master of beauty sell jujube also a legal advisor two years saved one million bank financial product GSM Blocker

recently, there are news reports a female master selling jujube earned 40000 event, quickly became popular network. For a lot of friends talk, master of white, sell a date income so high? " "Master’s degree is intelligent, should have its own set of sale method"….. In this regard, Rhett Jiafeng financial planner think to want to be rich, you must first reading, from books can learn other people’s success of the rich experience, and to put them into practice, in order to realize their dreams.

< p > beauty master Zhou Hong, 30 years old this year, older women is an investor in Richwood Rhett. After graduation in Shanghai, a top 500 enterprises as legal adviser. Through several years of efforts, is currently the chief legal advisor of the company, the monthly net income of 25000 yuan, five insurance payments. Monthly living expenses 6000 yuan, in addition to
Phone Jammers rental fees, meals, transportation and so on, and the cost of communication around 2000 yuan. Zhou Hong on the 2 years of a total of 1000000 yuan, when asked about how she did, Zhou Hong summed up the following four points:

first, there are goals, and practical to do everything.

< p >. In Shanghai, the top 500 enterprises has been 4 years, by the first intern, to today, the company’s chief legal adviser, just a few years personal career occurred a qualitative leap, income a rising tide lifts all boats, all these are with her hard. According to the red Jiafeng financial planner to understand the week red hard working, practical work, not looking for any excuse, distributed leadership will managed to finish, attention to detail; the second, she on their career, their planning, efforts have been striving to be the chief legal adviser; third, is good at seize the opportunity.

second, focus on financial life, advocating thrift.

< p > although Zhouhong is young people in the new era, and there is no "ahead of time to enjoy the" values, from a young age influenced by their parents, she has been advocating thrift, accounting has become a life of her habits and arrange monthly living expenses in apple pie order. In addition, in addition to the monthly expenditure of the budget, also plans to monthly fixed investment, monthly reserve funds, 6.8% to enjoy the benefits, Zhou think "new money must be hard to save money from the start. So, after a few years of accumulation, Zhou Hong has a lot of deposits in the hands.

third, investment and financial awareness, learn to make money.

Zhou Hong, in addition to monthly salary, but also part-time as chief legal consultant, 1 years will have a plus 20000 yuan of income; in addition, she invested financial awareness, learn to make money. In this year, Zhou Hongchen bank holiday assessment point, take out 10 million yuan deposit bank guaranteed financial products, annual rate of return of 5%; then Zhouhong and in Rhett Jiafeng financial planner, took 50 million yuan configured a Yi Sheng wealth Yi Sheng Bao fixed income class financial products, annual yield of 11%, 50 million yuan a year have 55000 yuan income; some time ago to take advantage of the stock market is good, Zhou took 20 million yuan investment, 2 months and make a lot of. Qian Zuanqian, far more than people make money easily, so learn to use

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In high-income white-collar entity financial rationale investment in shares of tea bar financial pla GSM Jammers

/ blue Luo Wei

for today’s office workers, each month in addition to receiving a fixed salary, a lot of white-collar choice through investment and money to get some extra income. I work, should pay more attention to the market, choose a suitable investment, so that their assets to achieve value-added.

with the development of the market, investors can now contact increasingly investment channels. Whether it is speculation or investment of various types of collections, or purchase and investment shops and other traditional home finance, are familiar way to invest. However, in the case of economic conditions, there are quite a part of white-collar workers will think how to become the real economy boss. From white-collar workers to become industrial boss, this process is really difficult, which will experience many ups and downs and twists and turns. But from another point of view to consider the issue, the hands of existing spare money into small and micro economic entities for equity investment, can be regarded as a leading to entities small and micro enterprise managers and senior decision makers of a shortcut.

< p > in recent ten years, the small and micro economic entities have mushroomed general emission, and financing to attract the brightest wealth of society has become the small and micro economic entities to bear the brunt of problems to face, so many small and micro business entities operators will be through various channels to find and select equity funds, expanded their own economic strength, on the other hand can also drive around the friends together to participate in the operation, common prosperity.

shares private tea company

small and micro economic entities, meaning Private Companies. Mr. A, director of the workplace, served in an advertising agency. Mr. a living circle of friends mostly engaged in food and beverage business, friends is a partnership, which also has. Quite a few good friends suggested Mr. a equity investment, according to the shares proportion of dividends at the end of the year.

for the shares of the private enterprise investment earnings, Mr. A feel very prospects, he is most optimistic about a company to run tea business. This kind of small and micro economies of scale in about 30 people, business three years ago, the tea company only by virtue of 889 yuan of the start-up capital began operations, set of tea planting, picking, processing, storing, packaging and sales and after-sales service in one. Three years down, tea company’s strength was stronger, but want GPS Blocker to ensure a virtuous circle and continue to grow and develop, to absorb social capital is essential. Mr. A is to take a fancy to this, coupled with around him have many industry friends, understand a lot of tea business and tea doorways. After the consideration, Mr. A took 200000 yuan from the savings investment tea company shares, becoming a small shareholder of the company.

< p > regarding the entity economy equity investment risk, Mr. A has also been expected, calm mind, he have always believed that as long as the shares of the tea company can continue to maintain sales to expand and enhance, then their equity is a shoo in the. So, Mr. A, in addition to the 200000 yuan of business investment, but also on their own initiative to participate in sales, each completed a single sales, in addition to the guarantee

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Case management a comfortable life _ reasonable financial financial sina finance _ UHF Jammer

, housing and finance become an important part of the social activities of most of us.. And many of my peers, I am not born rich handsome, but through earlier, reasonably manageable and controllable small assets, but also to live a more comfortable life! Below and share my life financial history.

real estate investment gradually

1, the first real estate investment second tier cities. After graduate school, I have entrepreneurial dreams, work in Beijing. As the saying goes, home to the music industry. The house becomes an important asset after work.. But at that time Beijing’s rising prices. By 2008, the East Fourth Ring prices have reached more than 3, with wages stretched, the wage distribution is very difficult. In this case, I choose to belong to the home purchase of second tier cities. With the help of parents, in the home of second tier cities spent 200000 first bought a set of more than 100 flat suites, with the rent for my house in Beijing close to work to rent a small apartment.

from the real estate market development, this idea so far back to see very correct, this is the first step in the production of the class.

second, 2 suites dream start. By 2010, Beijing housing prices rising speed slowed. The surrounding friends began to stir, ready buyers in Beijing. I have friends over the weekend with itch for a try, locking "bus ride" spring cleaning area. Backfired, the region is located along the MTR, house prices have been falling is not obvious, and the sale or adjacent road, or wait for faster time long. Considering only to buy a house to settle the transition, so or decisively chose a set of two sets of single apartments can be converted into.

to ease mortgage pressure. I will be a housing renovation, housing will be converted into two independent, small fresh style and furniture appliances all can bag check single apartment. Each apartment has a bedroom, an independent bathroom, a kitchen and a small dining room.. Did not think of only accounted for a good location, are particularly vulnerable to the two sets of apartment rental, and the home of the district and county real forming a big difference. Purchase of more than three years, has never broken rent, rent constant after winter. So for financial planning advice is: if the real estate investment, lots and lots, or lots, other are clouds.

< p > in addition, now the prices in addition to high, invisible Wuguan costs also rose
Wifi Jammer doubled, in we consider the school district room, for parents to consider the housing endowment, and Huxing also need to consideration category.

car tips

has a house, the car has become a sign of improving the quality of life. With the car, although it has brought a lot of convenience, but the car belongs to the purchase of assets of devaluation. Raise car now seems to become a luxury ". There are four kinds of hard – spending, namely gasoline, car wash, parking and maintenance. First from the fuel, I will try to choose the morning session to the car with a eight full, is said to be because the pressure is low and does not fill can be sufficiently burnt, as >

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To the end of the year awards also have young financial for you more than 50000 scattered investment Pai You Guo

< p > famous American financial analyst Kerry & middot; Bryson et al. Research show that 93.6% return on investment by asset allocation decisions, reasonable asset allocation can effectively improve the investment performance. Went to the end of the year, how the financial planning collar bonus workers? To this end, the Beijing Times [microblogging] financial weekly specially prepared a period of financial management strategy, for the different amount of fiscal year-end awards to protect weapon, a right for you.

– weapon

year-end awards amount: 10000 yuan



choose the flexibility of investment goods

< p > preferred treasure of assistant to the president Jiang Jiacai told Jinghua Times reporter, for at the end of the year award people speaking, finance and investment planning to according to at the end of the year award amount different financial choices, for example, at the end of the Wireless Jammer year award only 1 million or below the cock wire people can consider doing some funds or money funds investment products, relatively strong flexibility and easy to be realized to cope with the shortage of short-term funds.

< p > financial fan financial planners also told Jinghua Times reporter, for at the end of the year award investors in thousands of yuan, some P2P financial products investment, but in the selection of projects shall choose matching principal and interest projects, ensure that liquidity is given priority to. Because of the limited bonus, and the end of the year with more money, so should take full account of the liquidity needs." Financial fan, a financial planner said, suggested that the 50% of the capital investment about 3 months of short-term projects, about 30% of the funds into about 6 months for medium-term project, while 20% of the investment and over one year long project, as savings in the future.



first reward yourself

< p > insurance coverage, for at the end of the year award in 10000 yuan of the following consumer, it may be the first to buy a long-term major disease insurance plan, annual payment can play to the mandatory savings, if suffering from a serious illness can have a high level of emergency funds, and health expiration can get high earned gold, build a their own "small treasuries.

according to statistics, during the Spring Festival insurance claims case, traffic accidents tend to account for most, therefore, the Spring Festival travel accident insurance essential. Sunshine insurance related insurance experts said the insurance period is 1 year of traffic accident, the annual premium is only 100 yuan, not only covers the plane, train, bus, subway and other public transport, including comprehensive accident, medical and accident accidental hospitalization subsidies and other support. In contrast, the risk of accidental insurance has the advantage of low prices, security, and with the wide range of Internet insurance, regardless of the insurance company’s website, the number and other channels can be purchased directly.



Internet Monetary Fund


index assumes


the threshold of investment funds is very low, many Internet monetary fund is

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Software testing male monthly income of seven thousand to manage their money rich deposit income fin Cell Jammer

[financial case]

< p > Mr. Wei 27 years old this year, is a software tester for a software company in Dalian, a monthly income of 7000 yuan, social insurance and housing fund. Currently have girlfriend, do web design, monthly income of
Cell Jammer 5000 yuan, two people last year, 10000 yuan of year-end awards. Usually the monthly two people living expenses 5000 yuan, mainly for renting, eating, communication, transportation, social, etc.. In addition, the home also has 1 cats and cats, about 1000 yuan per month expenses. Recently, Mr. Wei enrolled in the fitness club, 1 year 1800 yuan; girlfriend nail 1 year preferential price of 2000 yuan, credit card overdrafts. Work for several years, so far the two deposits only 5 million yuan, after taking into account to get married and raising children, Mr. Wei to manage two people a month left to a few money, hope financial planner can give a clear financial planning.

[financial target]

how to manage themselves, "no money to become rich".

[case study]

< p > according to the financial situation of Mr. Wei and his girlfriend, Rhett Jiafeng financial planner of the two total monthly income 12000 yuan, compared with the ordinary young people, it can also. But the two consumer impulse, spending big, working for many years only 50000 yuan deposit. If two people still spend so wasteful, money can only forever. Therefore, Rhett Jiafeng financial planner that two people in life consumption and finance need to do the following a few changes, to get married in the future, keep the baby and so the accumulation of funds: < p

1, consumer rationality, must be consumed

< p > Mr. Wei and his girlfriend although monthly income are quite high, but two people living expenses is a lot, clothing, housing, except, is used for communication, pet cats, do fitness card, nail card, credit card overdrafts also many. If according to the current state of consumption, almost every month is moonlight. So Rhett Jiafeng financial planner, Mr. Wei and his girlfriend, the first thing to do is reasonable consumption must be on-demand consumption, let every penny play a maximum value. Recommended monthly bookkeeping, can also help control unreasonable consumption, reduce expenses.

2, mandatory savings, develop a monthly savings plan

Mr. Wei and his girlfriend in the monthly income of 12000 yuan, you can come up with 6000 yuan for living expenses, meals, transportation, water and electricity and communication and cat. To remind, if the expense of the cat affected the quality of the two lives, the proposal does not raise or the poor raise ". The remaining 6000 yuan income, distribution according to proportion, Rhett Jiafeng financial planner suggestions 1000 yuan investment balance treasure [microblogging] and other baby products, way to facilitate online shopping, enjoy online shopping convenience and benefits, but to control; and secondly, the funds can also be used with the check, as daily life money to spare. As for the remaining 5000 yuan, you can choose investment products, such as the fund is scheduled to vote or appropriate Sheng is scheduled to vote, the latter yields relatively high, 6.8% annual rate of return, adhere to a year, principal and income have 622>

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